Why you hate so much?

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Why you hating so much?


People like to talk, even though they know nothing about you. People talk even when they don’t even know you, just from what they think they know about you.


Why do people do this? Are they that petty and jealous? That they see you and maybe see what you have and automatically they hate on you. For no other reason then that?


My question to them is are you not happy with yourself? Are you not secure with yourself?

It is about your issues, not the person your hating on.


Do you know anything about that person? Do you know how much they struggled? Do you know how many nights they cried themselves to sleep to get up and put a fake smile on for the world?


You know nothing of what it took to get to this moment, yet you speak on it as if your an expert.


People do this all the time with the Internet, as if it gives them a free pass to criticize someone, to throw hate on them, to put someone down because its easy to sit behind your computer screen and hate on people.


When I got this home, I was blessed to have many wonderful friends step up and help me. Their kindness made me cry and I was overwhelmed that they would even fly across the country to be with me and help.


And yet some people actually had the nerve to say I paid for the work with sexual favors..really??

What just because you have no friends that would go above and beyond for you, you assume that is the only way I could get this.


Do you know how many times I’ve helped them move? How many times I was there for them in the past? How many free haircuts I gave because I knew the situation they were in and I was trying to be a friend?


No, you know none of this because you don’t know me, if you were my friend you would know who I am and what kind of friend that I am. You would know that I have friendships since I was 5, that these friends are the family I choose for myself…but you know nothing because you chose to automatically assume the worst.


Oprah recently said if you can’t ignore your haters, you cant be famous.I get that everyone is going to talk about you…


Believe me I get that, like when I was in high school and everyone said I was a whore because I had a lot of guy friends when the truth was I was with the same guy 6 years and was a virgin until I was 18, yet they “knew” about me ha!


So then why does it get to me? Because I would never assume anything about anyone, I don’t know you and your struggles, so why would I pretend to know you? I wouldn’t automatically think the worst of a person, I wouldnt just hate on a person just to hate on them.


So I guess I figure the rest of the world is like me but they are not. A fact I am learning more and more these days.


As I always say we are here to learn lessons, even if it took me this many years, I am still learning and I better learn quick because soon I will have a lot more haters and I have to learn to have thick skin.


So today my friends, (My real friends) remember before you speak of someone, know who they are, know of the hard times, know of their struggles, think that maybe they are going though something you know nothing about.


Life is to short to be hateful and mean, to be envious and petty, to be jealous and spiteful…we only have so much time here, lets spend it being kind, speaking hope and love, uplifting each other and being grateful for what we do have. Really life is way to short…why you hating so much?


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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