The day the world changed

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Do you remember when the world changed?


Today is the anniversary of 9/11, it’s been 15 years since all of our lives changed.

I know we all remember exactly where we were on this tragic moment.


I of course was on the treadmill at the gym, this was before I started writing this blog and back then I use to watch TV to keep myself entertained.


As I was running and watching the today show I saw the footage, at first we thought it was a preview of a upcoming movie, I made the TV louder and saw a look of panic on Matt Lader face, he was almost speechless… we all stopped to listen as he said the words that would change our lives forever.


“The World Trade Center has been hit by a plane”


The gym was silent…everyone ran to see the Tv’s, we couldn’t believe what we were hearing, you heard whispers, what happened? Does anyone know?

As we were glued to the television trying to figure out what happened, in front of our eyes we watched as the other plane hit the other tower.


We all screamed, we started to cry, we all knew this was no accident, this was a act of terrorism.


As I am writing this 15 years later, I am crying remembering how I felt at that exact moment.

The world, my world, our world had changed forever in that second.


We all stood there, we couldn’t move, men, women and children all with tears running down their faces, scared, heartbroken, unsure of our safety of our country.


We watched the images of people jumping out of the towers, we watched people running out of the buildings bleeding, hurt, with looks of terror on their faces but what we saw that we will never be forgotten is the brave men and women of the New York police and Fire Department running inside the building as it was a blazed.


As everyone was running out, these incredible brave people were running in to save, serve and protect us.


We sat there as we watched tower1 go down, a audible gasp was heard throughout the gym.

Yet we still couldn’t leave…time stood still for all of us.

We watched people running, clouds of smoke so thick that you couldn’t see, for blocks these clouds went on, debris and bodies falling out, paper, lots and lots of paper drifting down from the sky…


And yet there was silence because we were to stunned to believe what we were seeing…

Moments later we watched tower 2 go down…it had to be one of the saddest days we had ever known.


Being a New Yorker I have been in those buildings many times, I knew how big they were, how many people worked in them, how many lives were lost that day…our hearts were breaking…

Would America ever be the same?


As we continued to stand there, we learned of the other losses in the pentagon, the plane that went down in the field, the lives of so many innocent victims across the country.


Our world changed forever that day, it would never be the same…


So today my friends, we remember all the people that were taken far too soon, we remember the brave NYPD and NYFD that never stopped serving and protecting us even till the end.


I am a new yorker, I will always be a New Yorker!

I am proud of everyone who stood up, who helped, who showed the world what New Yorkers are truly made of!


And who today we give a moment of silence and prayer…a moment of thanks and a moment of remembrance to all of thoese people who’s lives were lost……..


Be the change you want to see”


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