The greater the brokenness the greater the blessings

Treadmill Treats Monday Message


The greater the brokenness the greater the blessings


Yesterday the message was about this palace in Paris, the architect wanted these beautiful mirrors for the palace but when they came they were all broken so the workers threw them out in the garbage. The architect came and told the workers to take the broken mirrors out of the garbage and then he broke them more, he put all the broken pieces back together and it ended up to be the most beautiful palace in the world.


Your broken pieces can become the most beautiful place..your broken pieces may look helpless, hopeless, not worth much at this moment but in your brokenness there are blessings even if you can’t see them now.


See we all know what its like to be discarded, we know what its like to be broken.

We all have been broken, wounded, thrown in the dumpster and felt like trash at one point of our lives or another.


What we don’t see is how God see us, he sees the amazing creature he made, he knows your purpose, he knows he made you in his image, perfect.

Yet you don’t, you see all the imperfections, all that’s wrong, all that’s broken.


God is about to make your brokenness beautiful, he’s about to turn your brokenness into blessings.


Sometimes it easier for us to numb the pain, you put on a facade, you look like you got it all together but the pain is eating you up inside. The fear of what if you’re found out, what if they truly knew how worthless you feel is always there. So you mask it you act like you don’t care, you drown it with drugs and alcohol, you pretend to be someone your not.


You need to know who you really are, you need to know your brokenness is not who you are, that it is something that happened to you, it is there to make you stronger, to strengthen your faith, to hold onto, to believe.


You have to change your self image, it may have started before you are born,┬áit may have happened when your mother or father spoke over your life that you were stupid, that you’d never amount to anything.

It may have came later when you wanted someone to love you so bad, you let them put you down and you started to believe them.


Whenever it may have been, it’s your past and your past is talking you out of your future!


God will take the weakest part of you, he sees what you have inside, the strength and courage you can’t or won’t see and he is going to make it into your blessings.


You may be in a situation that you don’t think you can get out off, it may be dark right now but God has a plan for you.


Do not think because you are broken right now that that is all of you, that you will be forever broken.


No, today my friends I am here to tell you that your light may be hidden now but in your brokenness, it will brake open to expose that light.You will see how beautiful you truly are and you will see how God will turn your brokenness into your blessings.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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