Another “Dog” Story

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Another “Dog” Story


I am shocked when I hear stories from friends and readers that tell me how men are today. Well, me of all people shouldn’t really be shocked..Hello I did date the worlds biggest con artist…but I still have hope that not all men are dogs.


And then I heard yet another story about a lying cheating man and I think not again and what really shocks me is that these dogs are our age. A age when your settled, where you are looking to share whats left of your life with someone.


Why think your a player now when your fat and balding? I don’t get it but whatever the reason I am the voice of these women and the many other women out there that have no way of telling their stories.


My girlfriend reconnected with a high school classmate, they seemed to hit it off, they spoke every day. They had many things in common and my friend was so happy to meet a man, especially a man that grew up in the same town, had the same values, knew the same people and places.


Even though he was still living in the same town and she had moved away long ago, it didn’t stop them from pesuing this to find out where it might lead.


They were both looking for a serious relationship and over the weeks and months to come, their bond grew. She even flew there to spend time together, they fell in love and things were going great.


They called and texted every day, she made some more trips there, then the big word came out…Love..they were in love and professed it to each other, it was everything she dreamed of.


Even though she was hurt in the past from a man who also professed his love for her and then ended up being a lying cheating dog, she felt she could trust again, they grew up together, he was different, so she jumped in with both feet.


They talked into the hours of the night about the future together. He couldn’t move to where she was living as he had a young child there, so she decided she would move back home. She loved him that much that she was willing to leave her girls who were older and out on their own, she was even willing to leave her career and her pension behind for him.


Now we all know a women who has done this…Hell I am a woman who did this, sold my business, rented out my home even gave my dog away to move 1500 miles for a man…okay and we all know how that turned out!


Back to my friend, as she was doing all the paperwork to transfer her licenses to her home state, something seemed to happen. He called less, he didn’t answer texts, he had one excuses after another.


She made excuses for him as we all do as women…oh he’s busy, he has a lot on his plate, he works so hard…insert bullshit story here.


Somehow God intervened and her current landlord sold her home, she now had to move but she wasn’t done with all she needed to do in order to get a job back home so she was forced to move and sign another’s years lease on a new place.


The money she had went to the move and that meant it would be longer for them to be together but he said he would wait forever for her and she believed him.

As the weeks into the move came around and the closer it was to her going back to work, the more stressed she became.


The fewer the phone calls came, now she had already been screwed over and yes, she was a little insecure from that. When she questioned him instead of him calming her fears and realizing all the stress she was under, he retaliate with if he wanted another women, there were plenty of them chasing him.


Hello….to all the men out there, news tip…if you know your women is:

A. Under stress and

B. Insecure from being hurt before never feed into her insecurities!


That of course didn’t help but even though she was feeling something she couldn’t put her finger on, she still had faith in this man she loved.


When she got sick and  called him, he told her she should go to the hospital.  She was admitted to the hospital that night but low and behold he never called or texted her. She didn’t hear from him for 3 days!!

Hello…your girlfriend is in the hospital and you don’t call? You had better got ran over by a bus!


She knew then what she was feeling was true but still forgave him… then the calls got less and less, more insecurities and finally a breakup.


Now two weeks later he’s all over Facebook with his new girlfriend…Wow lots of time between being in love and wanting to move in and start a life with my friend to now being in love again?


But here’s what gets me, so now you post it all over social media..let’s just announce it to the whole world what a dog you really are!


Do you have no consideration for my friends feelings? Two whole weeks…really a long time to get over and meet someone new? Are you frigging joking me?

And when she confronts you you tell her she should be happy for you, that you found true love….people I can not make this shit up if I tried!!


Yes, there are some dogs out there but I know there are some great men as well its just a shame that the dogs are overtaking the good ones.


So today my friends remember to always listen to that voice inside of you, know when things don’t work out the way you want them to, its God intervening on your behalf and when a man shows you his true colors, believe him! Ruff..rufff…


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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