The Rocky Horror remake

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The Rocky Horror remake

I have to tell you I love The Rocky Horror Picture Show, growing up I saw it in the movie theater 125 times. Now that is not a lot, believe it or not, I knew people who saw it 400 plus times!

For me as a teenager, it was a place to hang with my friends after drinking and smoking pot, on a Saturday night at midnight.

We sang, we danced, we yelled at the screen, we threw toast, rice, toilet paper and squinted each other with water guns.

(If you have no idea what I am talking about your a virgin and need to go see it live!)

The rest of you are laughing now because you get it!

Yes, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is and always will be a classic and no matter how many times you’ve seen it, it never gets old. Hello it’s been playing in theatres around the world for the last 41 years!!

Yes….dam I am old… wow that was a scary fact, okay were was I? See that old thing again…

So when I had kids, of course I was going to introduce them to one of my favorite movies.Every Halloween we would watch it, we’ve even dressed up and went to the theater when they were old enough and it has to be one of my little ones favorite too.

So when she came home and said there was going to be a remake of it, you knew we were going to have a family night to see this.

After dinner we all jumped into my bed and waited to see how you would ever remake a classic. The opening was different, it combined today and the classic.

It showed people coming into the theater and excited about seeing the movie, it was a cool twist.

Well, I have to tell you I didn’t recognize Tim Curry as Mr. Where the fuck is your neck guy, wow…I guess we are getting really old!

Then came Brad and Janet, both actors were young and cute but definitely not Barry Bosworth or Susan Sarandon.

The side cast was good and entertaining and then came Franknfuther and I was shocked a women? But as my girls informedĀ  me a transgender in real life who I have to tell you did an incredible job filling those high heels which is a tall job to say the least! And I thought it was a great idea for today’s generation.

Adam Lambert as Meatloaf’s character was great, he put his own twist on Eddie and made it just as good.

“Rocky” looked good but didn’t even play stupid good…sorry to say…

Janet was a good singer and did get the touch, a touch, a touch me, song.

I did love the cut a ways to the audience yelling at the screen and throwing things that was definitely a way to bring us “Frankie fans” into this movie.

The end was okay but not as impactfull as the original, all in all it definitely wasn’t even close to the original but maybe will get today’s generation to go see the original in the theatre.

They have tried to make remakes and part two’s of lots of movies Rocky, LethalĀ  weapon, Independence day, Freddie….so many movies tried to copy the original but that is why an original is an original because its one of a kind.

So today my friends bottom line is you can never remake a classic, that is why they are classics because they are perfect just the way they are.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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