The world has gone crazy on this Veterans day

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The world has gone crazy on this Veterans day


The election was Tuesday and you would have thought by today all the hoopla would be over but its far from it.


You would have thought on this day… Veterans day, we would forgot all this nonsense and do what we are suppose to do today…honor our veterans.


Yet People are still protesting, they are burning flags, they are horrible on social media, friends are deleting friends, saying and posting rude and horribly racist things.

What the hell is going on?


Then I come to the gym and on the news they are stealing our veterans and POW’s flags… Really have we lost our minds here?


Are we not the laughing stock of the world already? Do we have to give them more fuel for the fire?

Its over… take your ball and go home. We lost, let both sides be gracious and have some class.


What is burning our flags doing to help except make us look bad and disrespect our boys who fought and died for us?


How disrespectful is it, to have to see this? You want to come together as a country? Then why don’t you help the men and women who fought for your stupid ass’s to give you the right to keep voting.


Doesn’t matter who you voted for, you are lucky enough to have the right to vote, to have freedom of speech, or religious beliefs and they are the ones fighting every day protect your rights.


They are laid up in holes, they are not eating, not sleeping,  they are dodging bullets, they are coming home maned, broken yet still proud to have serve their country.

Then they are left without services, without help when they get back.They have post traumatic stress, they have nightmare over things, you will never see. Things that they saw because they are brave and they will lie down their lives for you and this country. All while you sit on your nice cozy couch with your pansy ass, behind you behind your safe computer screen talking crap about our country.


You cowards, who only know “war” with your stupid video games, that steal and burn our flags? What do you know of courage? What not having the latest game out? Playing on a outdate game boy?


Please you know nothing because if you had any balls to go and protect our country you would never stand to see anyone disrespect our flag.


Whether you agree with everything the government does or not this is still our country and it’s a free one, so if you don’t like it then pack your pansy ass up and move.


Until you fought like my fathers, my grandparents, my uncles, my cousins, like so many other families that are proud military families you have no right to burn anything or say anything. Your alive and free because these proud, brave people fought for that right for you!!


So get over yourselves, get over the fact we didn’t win, get over your them vs us mentality and realize that we are one, one country, one earth, one people.. who all bleed the same color.


So today my friends remember what today is…. stop and thank a veteran.


Want to change the world? Want to make a difference?

Go visit a veteran nursing home, help a veteran cut his lawn, go and shop for them, sit and talk with them.


Maybe you’ll learn why they love this country so much, that they were willing to die for it and maybe just maybe it will rub off on you…


Then you’ll realize we are great, we have always been great and we will always be great because we are the land of the free because these men and women fought and will continue to fight for that right.


I would like to thank all of our service men and women today for your brave hearts…May God bless you always!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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