Stealing your light

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Stealing your light

All of my life I wasn’t the prettiest, I wasn’t the smartest, I wasn’t the most popular but somehow I had a lot of friends and plenty of boyfriends (please no comments from the peanut gallery)

See there is this something I had…I have always had this light…this something on the inside that draws people towards me.

You all known people like this, you don’t know why but you want to be in their presence, it feels good, it makes you feel like home, warm and comfortable.

For years people I hardly knew would tell me all their problems, deep intimate secrets that they said they never told anyone before but felt comfortable enough with me to tell me.

I have had people tell me it’s my energy they love and every one who comes into my home says the same thing….its peacefull, like they want to sit and stay for hours.

This is not something I do on purpose, this is just a gift I was obviously born with but this gift can also be a curse at times because the same people that say they love me for me, that want to be around me, are really energy suckers.

Yes, you laugh but there are actually people like that out there, people who suck your energy, who want what you have, who want to be you.

They say they love you for you yet after they are with you, they want you to change.

People who tell you how much they love you then tell you no one can love you like they can, so you start to think maybe they are right.

People who tell you how good they are and how no one else would be able to cope with your gift, your lifestyle, you….and it puts that seed of doubt into your head.

People who say they love what you do, your friends, your involvement in things and people until you start taking away from them and what they need.

People that tell you no one has ever stepped up in your life and how they are willing to do that, be that person you have always been looking for.

The same thing that drew them to you now they want it for themselves, they want you to stay and shine that light just on them, not share the gift with the world so they become needy, they start little by little to make you question everything.

This is where your intuition comes into play, believe me it took me along time to hear and then even longer to listen to mine. But we all have it, when your hair stands up for no reason, when their is a small voice in the back of your head saying something is not right!

This is when we need to listen but we, especially women, poo poo this away…oh he’s a great guy, I might never find another one like him (his words ringing in your head)

You make excuses, no one knows him, everyone says he’s a great guy, he’s had a bad childhood, he’s misunderstood, fill in your bullshit story here….

That’s what we do, what we are programed to do…but that is not what our intuition is saying yet we tend not to listen, to see the red flags. We are comfortable, we don’t want to start over, we think it might change. Yes a million and one excuses for a behavior we know is wrong.

Stay and trust me, little by little they will steal your light, it will get dimmer and dimmer until your drained, you cant see your own good, you lose yourself.

All the while they are getting brighter, they are the ones with the light now but not the authentic light like yours, no they had none to start with.

No, they only have this light until you realize this is wrong and you leave, it is then you see they never had the light they said they did, no all of that was a act to get you, they believe what you believed, they are positive, they were all you were…in their minds but not in reality.

So they are off to find the next person they can suck the light out of, see they are light vampires they go around sucking light out of everyone.

I know each and every one of us has been hanging out with  a person and when we leave we feel drained ? Like you have no energy, sometimes so much so that you need to lay down, these are energy and light suckers and they are everywhere.

So today my friends remember to listen to that voice, pay attention do you keep picking the same kind of men? Women? Are the red flags there but you refuse to see them? Have friends said things but you refuse to listen…

HELLO!! These are all signs,¬† believe me I know, but God, the universe whatever you call it gave you this gift, this light, it is yours for a reason, it is your responsibility to keep it safe, to keep it burning don’t let the light vampires suck it, move on, let them go, protect your light for the people who need it and really appreciate it.

Don’t let anyone steal your light.

** I know this is a tough time of year so I will be putting this number out there for all that needs it…I been there and I know how dark it may seem especially during the Christmas season, there is help, it will get better…I am living proof of

“This too shall pass”**

Please get help, call today:

National Suicide Hotline: 24/7


“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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