There is nothing I cannot overcome

Treadmill Treats Monday Message


There is nothing I cannot overcome


I have overcome more than most people could even imagine and I did so still holding on to a positive attitude and a trusting and giving heart.


In spite of how many people hurt me, let me down or screwed me over, I still believed in the good in people.

Yes, my friends say I am like Tinker bell, living in my own fantasy land but maybe that’s not such a bad place to reside.


Yes, I always try to see the good, I see past things into a person’s heart and who they truly are.


I think there are many more good people in the world then evil, I think we can change and come together as a nation.

I still have that dream of Martin Luther King where little white children will be playing with little black children without seeing color or hatred. Where people can love each other no matter what color, what religious beliefs, what their sexual preferences are.


I have fell on my face so many times and then put it out there for the world to see. I have picked the wrong men and held my head in shame, time and time again. I have trusted people who screwed me, even Church people, Hello! Not everyone is holly because they go to church, remember that.


Yes, I could shut myself down,

I could have been a man hater after all the cheaters and liars I’ve dated but I chose to still believe there are good ones out there.


I could have never trusted anyone after being raped by someone I knew, because of my best friends screwing me and turning their backs on me in my time of need but I know there are guardian angels out there that will and have came, to my rescue.


I will continue to make mistakes, to trust, to fall on my face but what keeps me going is my faith, I believe that God will keep me, he will take care care of me. I believe these were all lessons I needed to go through on my journey before I could move on to something more incredible.


I believed that, when I was sick, losing hair, having heart palpitations thinking how was it going to make it, I believed  that God would show me the way. I believed when I started this business, just as I was getting divorced and thinking how I was going to pay rent higher than my old mortgage.

I believed when my head kept repeating his words, your useless, you can’t do this without me.


I believed when I kept asking for a home for me and my girls and even though I shouldn’t have gotten this house for 40k less than every other house in the area and when I got approved for a mortgage I had no right to, yet still I believed.


I believed when just getting this new home and quit my job the next day without a back up plan.

I believed when tough times came at me, when friends deserted me, when men used me, when there seemed to be little to hope for, I believed in my God and all he could do.


I know what he has brought me though, death, sickness, rape, drug overdose, alcohol and drug addiction, 24 years of a verbally abusive marriage, low self esteem, hatred of myself and my life, wanting to check out yet again…Oh I’ve been to the bottom, a few times and I know I survived only, by the grace of God.


Will the next chapter be all beautiful without heartache? Okay, I am Tinker bell but even she is realistic. No, I know it won’t be but no matter what, I will overcome, I will continue to believe and I will continue to trust and love because without that life is not worth living.


So today my friends remember you too can overcome, I am no different from you, I am no better or stronger. I just put my faith in God, I pray and let him worry and I believe that all the things I pray for will come to pass and I release it into the atmosphere, Pretty simple…


You got this, no matter what your going through, you can do it, you can do this, you too can overcome…if you just believe.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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