How a bath can change everything

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How a bath can change everything


I love taking long hot bubble baths..I even have a bath ritual.

I light candles, I get a big glass of wine or Bailey’s, my music, put in the bubble bath and then Calgon take me away… (really old reference from my mom’s days, ask your grandmother she’ll know)


I have always loved baths from as early as I could remember, the hot water, the steam, the shutting out of the whole world. It was peaceful and calming and took away all your stresses.


When I was in my verbally abusive marriage it was my escape. I would run in there every night, I would cry until my soul ached. I would dream about my escape, dream about how my life would be one day…

I would drink myself into oblivians and hope he would be sleep by the time I finally emerge or I would be too drunk and stoned from sleeping pills to even care.


Yes, it was my place, my and mine alone to pray for change, to cry, to imagine good things coming into my life.


The only two things I miss from my past life is my gourmet kitchen I designed and my oversized whirlpool tub, that’s it!


So when this week I got to take a long hot bubble bath in a gigantic spa tub, let me tell you it was amazing.

I got in and forgot everything, I was transformed into another person. Did I think of all that use to go along with it in the past? No, I thought about how far I’ve come, how all the things I’d imagined came to pass, how when you believe so deeply and put it out there, things happen, things change.


I thought about what I wanted for the rest of my life, how I imagined the next half will be.

That I will be a New York Times bestselling author, how I will be an international blogger, how I will travel and speak to hundred of thousands of people, telling them never to give up on your dreams, to dream big! Just like I do, even when I hit rock bottom, I never let go of those dreams.


Yes, I sat there and dreamed about my log cabin on the lake in the mountains of Tennessee and my home on the water in Florida, my girls doing well…life so amazing that it surpassed even my own dreams.


Yes, for me a bath can take you away to magical places, it opens up your senses, it places you in such a relaxed state, it feels like your actually living it…you are there…


I remembered how grateful I was to be in this tub and not the tub of my past. That I am in a really great space now in my life and there is not enough praise I can give for that.


I know I will never be in that situation again, that I am strong enough to walk away and say enough is enough.

That I am important enough to care for me and not just everyone else.


So today my friends, take a tip from me, fill your bathtub with bubbles, light some candles, get a glass of wine and put that feel good music, slip in, dream big and let all your troubles melt away.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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