God keeps his word

Treadmill Treats Monday Message


God keeps his word


When you know your calling and go after your calling, God will give you a stage, you won’t have to go looking for one.


But in order for him to do that you have to maximize your full potentbial, you have to know your purpose, you have to live in your purpose, you have to have the faith to know this is what you were born to do, born to be.


God called you…yet do you know your purpose?

Does your dreams seem too big, too impossible and so you give up?


People think that they can’t do it or if they do and the road gets rough they stop. Here’s the thing when your in the perfect will of God, when the boat starts rocking and then some storms will hit you and kept hitting you. You will think you can’t breathe, you will think your drowning, that is when you need to know God’s will, you need to know no matter what, you will hold on.


You won’t allow the circumstances of life alter your purpose.

You don’t let the storms stop you, even when your dreams seem impossible, even when you can’t see through the rains, it is then, you’ll understand your purpose and you will stand strong.


You are called to do something on the earth and he will keep his word if you know these three things:


1. Trust God

2. Know God’s plan for your life

3. Live expecting God promise for your life.


When you know your in God’s will, your grateful… you live in a state of gratefulness all the time.


You will give thanks in all circumstances….not for.. but in all circumstances.


You lost everything it’s nothing to give thanks for.

You gave someone your heart and they use and deceive you…it’s nothing to be thankful for.

You have sickness…it’s nothing to be thankful for…but through it all, you give thanks anyway because you are faithful and you know and believe God’s promise on your life.


Expect miracles… you need to have the power behind you to believe that it will happen, you have to have what my Bishop calls sick faith, that no matter what happens, your going to believe, no matter how dark it gets, your going to believe. No matter how impossible it seems, you know it is coming, that is sick faith. That is the faith he taught me to have…sick faith…to know it is coming…to believe it is coming even if it’s not in my time, it is coming.


So today my friends, believe in God’s word, know your purpose, have faith through the storms because there will be plenty¬†and believe nothing is impossible.

If you do this you will change your thinking from if this happens to when this happens….all you need to do is believe…


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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