What Valentine’s day really means

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What Valentine’s day really means…


Yes, we have pumped up Valentine’s day into a mass media marketing day. You must show the one you love, how much you love then on this day. You must take them out, buy them presents, flowers and cards because it is your duty, it’s Valentine’s day.


Here’s the thing, do you show your love to that other person for the rest of the year? Do you tell them you love them regularly? Do you do kind things for them through out the year? Or is it this one day and then that’s it?


My step dad didn’t believe in all of that, all the flowers and cards, but he showed he loved my mom in so many other ways. He polished her work shoes every night, he went out at 10:30 every night to clean the snow off her car and warm it for her, he had coffee waiting for her and the kitchen cleaned every morning when she came home for the night shift.


My mom told him she loved him every day, she made sure he had his glass of wine every night at dinner, she was right beside him on every project they did on our house, that’s love all year long that showed me what true love was.


Look I am as romantic as the next person, maybe more so, I am a Libra after all but believe me if I could have given back every flower or phony card to have my ex treat me good for the other 363 days a year, instead of this one day, I would have, in a heart beat.


Why do we need these “Days” to remind us to do something nice? Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Father’s day? Hell we even have a national “Eat dinner with your kids” day, really you need a national day to do that?


That is what is wrong in today’s society, it’s a all about me world, you dont put someone’s else’s needs before you own.

Your so busy doing you, you need a day to remind you to be sweet.


I brought my mom flowers every week, just because I wanted her to know I loved her. Even when I moved 1500 miles away I still had them sent to her.

I gave her and my dad cards all the time just to say hey I love you, thanks for putting up with me. I give my girls cards just because…I want them to know I love them, how proud I am of them.

I am constantly calling friends and family telling them I love them and I miss them, I don’t need a day to do that, I want them to know it all year long.


Yes, cards and flowers are wonderful on Valentine’s day but if that is the only time you say I love you, then save your money, it means nothing on this phony day.


So today my friends, take my advise, tell the people that are in your life that you love them, every day not just this day, send them a card, drop flowers off on a Thursday, pick up the phone, call on the way home, let them know the other 363 days a year that they are important in your life.


And one last thought, for you singles out there, don’t be sad your single, enjoy your singleness, buy yourself flowers, go out with friends, believe me not all you see with your married friends is paved with gold…love yourself, love your friends, love your life…


You only have one life make it the best, live large, love big!


Happy Valentine’s day to all of my readers and to the rest of you …well you know how I feel all year long…love you to pieces!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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