The process vs the message

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The process vs the message


Our problem is that we confuse the message of the gospel, with the process one goes through to share the gospel.


See you are going to go through a process, you are going to go through tough times but you need to believe that the word is true, do you believe the message?


If not then it will lead to 2 things:

1.It seems like you are living a unhappy faith journey

2.You will end up quitting your walk with God


Let me ask you this, when was the last time you praise God? Just thanked him even though you might not be where you want to be? But are you grateful for where you are now?

Are you going to be happy no matter what is going on around you?

You need to know that this too shall pass… you need to know your problem has a expiration date.


Many Christians, don’t share their message with others …

You don’t have the fancy car, you dont have the big house so you don’t tell your testimony. You see the drug dealers with all the money, you see others who don’t have God in their lives, get things you don’t have and you think how can others have what, you the believer don’t have? So your faith waivers.


But you have to believe, you know where God found you, you know what the bottom looked like, that he found you and raised you up, took care of you when you had nothing or no one.

You need to know where you came from, you need to be grateful for where you are right now and from how far you have came.


Sometimes even when it looks like God’s not working on your behalf, you still have to give praise, you still believe.


The process is a series of actions taken to achieve a  particular thing:

In the end you are going to win


The message is:

The good news to mainkind, it is that he has redeem us and is bringing us back to God.

Even when bad things are happening around us, we need to know God is still good!


Don’t ever mix up the process and the message


The Process: I don’t know why he will put me through these hard times…yet I will trust him.

Trust him no matter what, that your faith journey is not based on only good times.

No, it’s about God’s forgiveness and his unfailing love.


Be strong in the grace of God…

Not because we are perfect, not because we sinless…

if you were perfect then you wouldn’t need God.


The process is: You fall down.

The message is: You get back up.


The bible tells us “Join me in the suffering like a good soldier of Jesus Christ”

2 Timothy 2.3


A soldier must fight…

We are more than conquerors we are overcomers, we are fighters.


You must take on the challenges and fight for the cause, at the end, you will know, I am a winner. In the end you know that God will supply all of my needs.


Here are 2 questions you need to ask yourself:


1.Whom are you committed to?

2. Is your faith journey more about what you go through or is it about what you went through, that makes the message more meaningful to others?


Are you going to say, I’m not going to let the process get me down.

No, I am going to get the message and give it to others…

That is what the process is for, it is your testimony to others of how you made it through, how you endure even when you didn’t think you could, that it should have been another way…but God….


The message is, you telling others I never could have made it without him. I’m stronger, I’m wiser. I made it through the storms and the test, when I look back at all I went through…I know you were there for me and I am telling everyone this message!


So today my friends remember¬† the process is just temporarily, the message goes on and on…pass on your message.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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