Gratitude to tears

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


Gratitude to tears….


Yesterday I wrote about the process vs the message and how we need to go through the process to get to the message.


I write this blog to give a message, I am always trying to give you a message I have learned and my messages on Monday’s always talks about what I learned the day before in church. I got where I am today only because of God, if you found your way through a different path, that is great.


I don’t tell you there is only one way or you can only get there  by my way, anyway you arrire at your peace and joy is wonderful.This is just the way I got here and so I talk about it, as I know what has worked for me.


I also know about having gratitude, so much gratitude that it brings me to tears.There is never a day that I don’t wake up or before I go to sleep that I don’t thank God for waking me up, for my girls, our health, my home, my business, my purpose he gave me, my friends, my family and my life every day.


I will be driving home from the gym and look at the sunrise and cry because I am lucky enough to be here to see it.

I walk into my new home and it takes my breath away as I never dreamed of owning my own home. I do my own thing, my time, I have no one to answer to, to put me down, to approve or disproved of my actions. It’s all me and the only one I try to please is my God.


I will be going along in my day and a client will call, when. I hang up every single time I say “Thank you, God” because I am so grateful for another client.

When people write me or see me and tell me how much they enjoy my blogs, I say a prayer of thanks for this gift he has given me.


There are some days that for no reason I start to cry because I remember that deep, dark place I use to reside in and I am grateful I am no longer there. I am grateful I no longer hold onto hate, fear, pain, stress or anger, that I know that this is what I had to go through to get here and it was all worth it. This was my process…and my blog is my message…


Yes, when you know that everything in your life, you are  grateful for, when even the littlest thing can bring you to tears because you know there could have been another way, when your even grateful through the storms, it is then you know you are in your peaceful place. That no matter what happens you will be alright, there is nothing more amazing then knowing how truly blessed you are.


So today my friends, remember if my way, if my God does not work for you, it’s okay. It’s a free country, find another way but just remember to be grateful, it always could have been another way …


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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