Why are we afraid of fear

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Why are we afraid of fear?


We as humans, are afraid of so many things, some people let fear rule their life. I know that feeling, for years I stayed in a horribly abusive marriage because of fear.


I was afraid he would take my girls, I was afraid of what he would do or take away from me, I was afraid of what people would say, they all thought I had it made, I was afraid I couldn’t make it on my own.(big, big one!)


Fear kept me stuck for years, I was so afraid of change that I stood, so unhappy, dying inside more and more each day but even that wasn’t enough to make me change.


Yes, fear keeps us hostage in our own life, fear of being vulnerable, of showing our feelings, of telling others the truth, fear of being alone (oh big one there! ) fear of telling someone you love them, fear of opening up, fear of being hurt again. Some people let fear take over and go to the extreme, they can’t leave their homes, they can’t drive or walk outside.


We have names for fears that’s how many we have now a days. “Phobia” how about that?

A name for different kind of fears, we have given life to fears, a phobia of spiders, a phobia of crying, even a phobia of getting peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth, yes! I am not lying, I learned that in Mr Monaco’s health class in 10th grade and still remember it because of how stupid it is!


We are letting fear rule us into not living life and what is so bad? What do we fear the most? The unknown. .. Yes that is what we fear most, the unknown, what if it’s not as good?¬†What if….fill in the balnks.


What if it’s better than you’ve ever dreamed? What if your incredibly happy? What if it was the best decision you ever made?

If I would have known how happy, how peaceful and how much joy I have found since my divorce, I would have done this year’s ago!


Yes, I gave up things, but all the material things I had wasn’t making me happy, so what difference did they make?

Look at the big picture here people! ! Things don’t fill your soul! A big house doesn’t make you happier, no you cry yourself to sleep on nicer sheets that’s all.


So today my friends, let go of fear, kick it to the curb, tell it, it will no longer control your life. The biggest lesson I learned is life is too short! Do it now!

Step out of faith and embrace change, it is a amazing feeling to be free!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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