Its all for his glory

Treadmill Treats Monday Message


It’s all for his glory


You should never be intimated, you should never think that your situation is too big or too deep to come to pass.


Your God has all power your need, your journey is already programed in his GPS. God had already done this for you, you are not lost, he knows where your going and your not by yourself, believe me, your not running out of time.


God got everything in control

Your thinking it’s too late your too old, it’s pasted you by…


Feels like your running out of time, running out of gas, you have a long way to go but will you get to your destination

God has you? Your questioning everything … Yes, there may be stops along the way, but you need to endure….in life your journey is long…


The stop is for your good, you want to go ahead, speed up to get to where you think you need to be but sometimes you need to slow down, sometimes you need to stop, regroup and then go on again.


There are times God is saying to you to get that person out, to change your course, because he knows what is ahead for you…


Even if you can’t see it, even if it hurts, even when you dont want to, you need to listen, you need just to believe it and follow God’s direction, follow his voice.


Enjoy your journey, enjoy the set backs, it’s an adventure your in now, to delvop a testimony, so you can tell others what you went through and how you came out better.


Don’t stress yourself out!!

You are blessed, you woke up, you have a home, you have food to eat, stop stressing,

life is a gift, live life to the fullest ….live your life now

Stop stressing about things you can’t change!


Square your shoulder, tell the devil your ready to fight, you know you have unstoppable faith!


Remember everything starts and ends with him…


“I lift my eyes to the mountains where does my help come from?”


You ought to live life as if you know that God is in control of everything, you can and will have a good outcome.

A good outcome is based on the level of your faith…

No matter what your going through, you are going to have a good outcome.


Focus on what your end will be, if your believer, you know he has you. You prayed, you believed him for an answer, he gave it to you, now listen.


Do it even if it hurts, even if you don’t want to, even if it hurts others, this is your walk, this is your message, listen and watch what changes.


Don’t worry about the things you can’t change… he will worry about that…just listen to God because it’s all for “his” glory.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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