When its time to move on

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


When it’s time to move on…


There are sometimes in life that you have to move on…


That job that is suffocating you, that friend who is always negative, that family member that always has their hand out, that relationship that isn’t what you want, no matter what it is sometimes it is just better for you to walk away.


Yes, it hurts, yes it will be different, yes, you might even be lonely for a while but this is your life, the only one you get and you need to make it the best life.


I think about how many years I’ve wasted in my toxic marriage, years I’ve could have been in this space…of peace and joy and I wish I had the courage to leave years before I did but you can’t live on what if, should haves or could haves.


I have now, I have the knowledge, I have the power now…to walk away from whatever doesn’t serve me.


Hello!! It’s your life if it doesn’t serve you, if it makes you feel bad, if it’s not working for you, you need to walk away and it’s guess what, it’s okay be selfish….

again…people, this is your life.


I refuse to call it in, to be unhappy, to not listen to that feeling in my gut telling me there is something wrong but yet again, I poo poo it away.


No, I don’t know how much time I have here, but however much it is, I know I will be real. I will own my stuff, I will put it out there for the world to see and hopefully for you all to learn from my mistakes or triumphs.


I will never lie about my feelings, I will never hold on to something or someone past the expiration date, I will never not listen to the voice of God again.


You may blame me, you may not own your stuff, you may flip it on me and that’s okay…


I know my intuitions, I know that voice that is saying somethings not right, somethings off… and when things get cloudy for me, it is then that I pray and I hear God’s voice telling me what I cannot hear clear in my own head.


Again for me, I know I am hard headed, so I need multiple signs before I do what I have already known from the beginning. I am working on this…I am human…and sometimes it’s hard for me as well.


Look, I am not perfect, I have issues, I have been hurt, I have been a liar and I stayed unhappy to try to make someone else happy, to not hurt them, to do the right thing.


But those days are over!

I chose me, I chose my happiness, I chose my life, on my terms.. like it or not, it’s mine, you do you and I will keep doing me.


Here’s the thing about making as many mistakes as I’ve have…you learn lots of lessons.


You learn to trust your gut, you learn to listen past the “rose and flowered” words, you learn to hear what a person isn’t telling you, you learn to see why they do and say what they do.


Yes, your mistakes can teach you so much, like what you are willing to put up with and what is definitely off the table.


It teaches you strength to go on, it teaches you that there is always something better behind every closed door, it teaches you that you are okay with you, without a toxic family member, without negative people, even without a man…

You are good…

You are good enough…

You are living your best life on your terms….


So today my friends remember, life is short cut through all the bullshit, listen to your intuitions, stop trying to make everyone else happy at your expense, it’s okay to walk away…It’s okay to move on to your life.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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