A mans true colors

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A man’s true colors


Yesterday me and my cousin were talking about men and how they put up this front when they meet you.


Now I know this can also be said about women but as I’ve never dated a women I can only tell if from my perspective from dealing with men.


When you first meet a man, he tells you what you want to hear, he tells you your beautiful, your smart, some men even go as far as telling you he enjoys the same things you do.


Maybe they know what we are looking for….maybe they go as above and beyond and seek out things about you, maybe even read your book to see what your dreaming about, to see what your longing to hear and then they use that to reel you in.


Men are chameleons, they can put on different colors to be who they are not. Some men have no personality of their own and so they take on yours.


It’s only when they feel comfortable, when they feel they got you, will their true colors will come out, when the real man, will rear his head.


Most of the time, it is too late for us, we bought it hook, line and sinker, we are in love with “this man” And bam! Here comes his twin brother who has been waiting in the wings to appear.


His evil twin, his narcissistic, passive aggressive, racist, controlling, overbearing twin is now in control and your thrown for a loop. At first you think your just hearing things, this sweet man wouldn’t, couldn’t say or do these things…


Then he will apologize, he will send flowers, he knows he pushed the envelope too far, he scared that all of his hard work of pretend will be ruined.


You, the trusting soul you are will think maybe it was me, he might even hint, it’s you, your over sensitive, you think maybe I was, so you let it go.

But there is that feeling deep inside your gut telling you

“No! Listen to me!”

This will be the first of many red flags you will see and ignore.


He will then say something or do something and say “I was just kidding, can’t you take a joke?” But this “joke” will hurt…jokes arent suppose to hurt but then the sweet twin comes back, he tells you “babe I love you, I would never hurt you would I?” And you think no…he wouldn’t do that, would he? See there is still that ounce of doubt…that warning flag but Mr.Sweet Twin smmozes you back once more.


This viscous cycle will continue, little by little… he will get you to question yourself, make you doubt your own instincts, even start apologizing for things that weren’t even your fault.

Then will buy you flowers, gifts and trips and you will think…nah…not him, he’s a good one.


Beware he is the master manipulator, he has practiced his craft over and over until it is smooth as silk..until he so good, he’s selling you the Brooklyn Bridge and your saying what a deal!


What you don’t see is the insecure man, the man that is so worried about what the world sees and says, that he will do anything to keep up that facade.


What you don’t see is the pain, he can’t and won’t deal with from his past, the mistakes he made that he will shift the blame to others, you dont see a man that has no personality or interests of his own.


He may look like he’s all put together on the outside, he has a successful business, everyone loves him and thinks he a “great man”, he has it all together….yet he is really broken, he is a lost little boy looking for someone to bully and your it!


Yes, he will change to fit your needs until he has you, until your all in and then and only then he will start telling you how no man will ever treat you this way, look how good I am to you, no other man has stepped up but I am.


He will tell you you have a “strong personality” And other men don’t like that but he does.

He will put these ideas in your head, that you need him, that you can’t make it without him…and you will eventually start to believe it.


Now the warning signs are screaming in your head but you love him, you might have a family with him, your doubting your ability to even care for your self, or if there is anyone else out there for you.


Yes, this chameleon has got you, you are his and he knows it until you decide game over! Until enough is enough and you start listening to that inner voice that has been saying “Run Forrest run!” Since the beginning but you’ve tuned it out until now…


Your today is now…this minute, this second do not let it go on one more second, take back your life, your self worth, your heart and your soul.

It’s never to late to be truly happy, your never too old to start over, life is too short, why be miserable?


So today my friends, my advice to you is run like Forrest, listen to the warning signs, hell call his ex’s if you have to, confirm all that your feeling and then take back your life…your life, see you had one all along…


Believe me it will be the best decision you can ever make…

And keep your eyes open for the chameleons, they are everywhere…


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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