Finding your courage yet again

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Finding your courage yet again.


There has been many changes in my life in the last four years, it seems to be incredible that so many changes could happen to a person who use to be so afraid of change.

Even still my life is changing..even when I think this may be it…bam….the rug gets pulled out from under me yet again. But here’s the thing I am no longer afraid.


Yes, I was afraid, I hated change, I stood in a loveless, misrable marriage for way too many years because I was afraid. Fear kept me stuck, fear ruled my life and made me unhappy.


Yet here I am stronger because of all of that.

Yes, all of the pain, all of the fear gave me strength, gave me a testimony that I have today. I am so grateful that my life has been so shooked up because it made me realize that I can do anything.


Yes, I am thankful for all the pain, for all the knock downs, for all the times I laid on the floor and cried out for help, yes, for all of that, I am grateful for.


Some of you may have read my book and are thinking look how many horrible things happen to this women over and over again and she got through it, even when she didn’t think she could get through, yet again she did.


Here’s the thing yes, I was a strong women at one point. Yes, I survived a rape, an abortion, an attempt suicide, drug and alcohol addiction, many deaths and losses and friends turning their backs on me.Then to give away all of my strength and power to one person and lose myself.


So yes, you can start out on the bottom and sometimes you have to build yourself and your life over again and again, that doesn’t mean your life is over.


I lost my voice, I lost my courage, I believed all he said, that I was weak, that I couldn’t do it without him, that I never be able to do it. I was afraid, I didn’t think I could do it, I had heard his words for so many years I believed them, I became them. I was stuck, like many of you reading this.


How many of you are still replaying the words your parents spoke about you? Your family, even your spouse? How many of you feel their words shaped your life? “Well they said I was stupid, worthless so I am…

I can never make it…I will never become a doctor or lawyer they are right who I am kidding, who do I think I am?”

Their voices, their put downs influence your life, your decisions, made you who you are today.


But all of that, all of the voices in your head, all of your fears that you are worthless are finished when you decide to change your life.


Here are some steps for you to change your life and pull yourself up yet again


1- Believe in a higher power, doesn’t matter which “one” just find one that you can believe in.


2- Love yourself, sounds simple but it’s not when your still hearing others voices


3- Stop listening to the voices, even your own that says I can’t…


4- Believe anything is possible, doesn’t matter how big, how impossible… just believe.


5- Envision your life as you want it, dream about it, see it as if it has already happened.


6- Don’t let a knock down, knock you out, the fight is never over, you can come back stronger and win!


7-Have a positive attitude, never say never or I can’t.


8- Let go of some people, not everyone is rowing your boat, some people are drilling holes, know who is who and dump them.


9- Let go of hatred and anger, forgive…not for them…for you, so you can move on.


10- Dream big, even if you can’t imagine how it will happen, you olny need to see the big picture…you only need to be positive, to believe, to imagine, the rest will come.


So today my friends, change is just one thought away, one second for you to decide no matter how many knock downs I had, I am going to win, no matter how battered or bruised I may be, I am going to overcome it, because even if no one eles believes in me, I will.


I will dream big and know that I will achieve all I put my mind to no matter how many obstacles come…

I can and will do this!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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