When God speaks to you

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When God speaks to you


I have been through a lot in my life, I have hit rock bottom twice, I wanted to check out more than a few times, I’ve lost way to many loved ones, I’ve been raped, I’ve overcame a drug and alcohol problem. I have been lied to, cheated on, abused and controlled.


Yes, it’s been a hard life but I keep persevering, I get knocked down and no matter how bloody and battered I am, I get back up and keep fighting.

Since I gave my life over to God I realized that one of my worst traits is that I am hard headed. Okay, okay, I’ve always known that, it must be this Italian thing but I need multiple signs from God to tell me what to do.


When I wanted to leave my marriage I prayed for signs and God gave them to me over and over but it took me many more years of pain and heartache to listen and finally leave.


When I was dating Mr. Con Artist I knew from the beginning that this was not for me yet I kept asking for sign after sign until God said you want a sign…Bam and he gave me his password for his phone so I could see it with my own eyes that he was cheating and lying.


When he told me to give my last 100.00 for groceries to someone at church, I protested, I got mad. I said this is the only money I have, I was not listening but I gave in when I said “If I turn around and she’s the first person I see, I will” Bam! There she was and it was then that I listened.


Little did I know her lights were going to be shut off and she needed 96.00 by the morning, as she cried to me after I gave it to her but here’s the thing I got 3 new clients the next day, my money back, tripled!


When I started this business, I needed yet again multiple signs, and time and time again God provided them for me, yet I am still not listening until he had to go as far as getting me fired on my first day so that I would have to depend on him. (Who gets fired on their first day?) That is God closing the door you keep opening!

From that day on I have learned to trust and depend on him.


Yes, I am slow and I am new to this walk so I am still learning but the lessons are quicker now and I pray more for the answers and listen, for the past has taught me to know his voice.

I learned that he knows what is best for me, because I can’t seem to distinguish that, yes, even at this age…


So recently as I prayed about another situation in my life , which by the way I didn’t pray about in the beginning and I definitely should have, well I got a message but hard headed me didn’t listen.


I had my own agenda, I was listening to my own voice, when things came up yet again, I didn’t listen to that voice, when others said things I still didn’t listen…Hello, I thought, I am a grown women, who are you telling me?


I felt my peace leaving…Okay people big, big sign here… when you finally get peace in your life, when you can stand in a storm and not worry about everything coming at you, that my friends is peace, true peace.


And I know this feeling as I’ve had it before and also felt it leave but still I didn’t listen, so when I couldn’t shake this feeling anymore, when my peace was wavering yet again, I knew I had to ask him yet again for another sign.


A few weeks ago at our annual International Believers Conference not one, not two but three preachers gave me a message I needed to hear and I knew I must listen because as the last message spoke to me the most.


“God has great things in store for you but he’s waiting for you to pack up their stuff and get them out first before he will give you, your blessing for your purpose” ….Signs???? You think??


Yes, I need that rock to hit me upside the head to listen…

But I know how ever much this will hurt, it is about the bigger picture, it is about my walk with my God and it’s about, if I will listen, if I will follow.


If your not a believer it sounds like a crock, what do you mean signs, he talks to you, are you nuts? It’s all good, I tell you all the time, you do you and that’s great if it works for you but trust me this works for me, time and time again…

See only if your a true believer, than you know God’s voice, it is only then that you would never ask “What does God’s voice sound like or how does he speak to you?”


So today my friends, remember this is your walk, you need to do what is best for you, you need to listen and look for signs for the prayers you are praying and you need to know that everything happens for a reason…don’t question it…just do it, just listen when God speaks to you.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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