I was just kidding

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I was just kidding…


It’s been a few weeks since I stepped away from a situation that I knew was no longer for me. I knew that I had been down that road before and I no longer chose to do that again.


Sometimes stepping away from something always gives you the prospective, you can’t  find when you’re right there in it and these weeks have given me the prospective I needed.


I realized that there is a saying that alot of people throw around. It’s a shield they hide behind, to say what they actually don’t have the balls to say outright so they just give you a dig and then hide behind “Just kidding” or “Can’t you take a joke?”


I am the first one to laugh, hell I am the first one to laugh at myself, I do it all the time and then put it on here so all of you can laugh at me as well.


Ask all of my friends, I am funny and I definitely can take a joke but there is a difference between a joke and a dig, hid behind a ha ha.


That, I don’t think is funny, see I am the most in your face person you will ever meet. I am real, raw, and most of all, after being a liar for so many years, honest as hell now.


If I don’t like something your doing I am going to tell you, if something pisses me off, I am going to tell you, if you say something to me that upsets me, you better believe I am telling you.


I dont need a joke to hide behind, I have the balls to tell you right out and I respect others who do the same.


Please don’t insult my intelligence by telling me I have  issues from being in a verbally abusive marriage for 24 years, that just made me smarter to hidden digs.

It definitely didn’t make me less funnier, if anything it made me more funnier as I can crack jokes about my past situation and know that life is too short not to laugh about things.


So that we all know the difference between a dig and a joke, a joke is funny, a dig hurts, big difference, are we all on the same page now?


Good, now for all of you out there that can’t seem to grasped this concept, I will break it down, if more than one of your partners don’t seem to get your “Jokes” look deeply inside yourself maybe it’s not a joke to them…

Look for patterns, believe me we all have them, ask yourself  what is the one consistent thing all of these? You!


What do you think everyone doesn’t have a sense of humor? No, they do but you don’t.


So today my friends, look into yourself, ask yourself these tough questions, is this you? Are you in a situation like this?

Do you feel this way when someone does this?

Does the joke hurt? Is no one getting your “Jokes”?


My advice to either people is grow some balls!

Yes, I said it… if your the joker stop and ask would I have the balls to say this without a “Just kidding” behind it? If not, it’s not a joke. Or you just have none of your own in the first place.


If your the butt of the “Jokes” you need to also grow some and put your foot down, tell them and if they continue your outta there and then do it, leave. No one needs that much “Funny” in their lives.

Life is to short to stay for stupid jokes or jokers!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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