Our church:Be it

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Our church: Be it


Everyone one of us plays our part in making up our church. We all have a part in how our church is and how we show the world that we are Christians.


But now a days the church is so divided, we have so many differences…we are we torn apart in our own Church.


We are suppose to take the message of hope around the nation, that is what a Christian is supposed to do.

Our duty is to follow the word of God, to grow, to tell our testimonies. Somehow we have forgotten this, some people want to keep it to themselves, like it’s a gift just for special people and not for everyone.


Who is the church? Well in my church,yes, it is large and some people may even say my church, The Faith Center is a “Mega church”

Yes, my church is large, but do I think it’s a mega Church no, because I am involved in it, I know everyone, I am always there when my Bishop asks for help or volunteers. I want to give back to this church as this church has giving so much to me.


One of my mom’s favorite sayings were “You get out of it, that you put into it” And I truly believe that. What are you putting into your church?


See the problem with the church now a days is that we have this stigma, we come off as “Holier than thou”

Some people in the church¬† think they are so righteous, that they are better because they come to church, because they know bible verses that, that makes them holier than thou..please…. the same people who are rude, that show no compassion outside of church but put on a good show on Sunday morning, yes those people make it look like we are all like that, that all churches are “Perfect” but all I can say is thank God for grace!


The reputation of the church is bad,¬†no one wants to come to church, because they think they not “Perfect” enough, they are broken, they have done some really bad things, they want to change but these so called “Righteous” people of church scare them off.


Hello! My Bishop says all the time, that church is a spiritual hospital. We are all sick, all broken, we all need his help to heal, that if we had a perfect life we wouldn’t need God, yet so many church’s turn people off.


Do you know your here to tell your story, you need to say if he did it for me, he could do it for you…

Look what I went through…look at the bottom I’ve come from…but with God’s help look at me now, this is what we are suppose to do as true Christian’s, we are not suppose to judge, we are suppose to love unconditionally, we are suppose to share God’s gospel to all the nations.


So today my friends ask yourself what does “Our church” mean to you? What are you representing on the outside? Are you telling the goodness of God’s grace and mercy, he showed on your life? This is what being Christian means, this is what the church is suppose to represent.

Like I say all the time, the change begins with you…


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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