Why you mad at me

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


Why you mad at me?


I don’t get it…you date someone, you tell them you want to take it slow, you are up front and honest saying you don’t want to live together or get married but if that is all okay with you, we can date and see what happens.


You have some nice times, you enjoy each other’s company, you laugh together, your even there for each in tough times but then your not feeling it, it’s not what you thought it would be, it’s too much like what you’ve already been through and your not going back there. So as nicely as possible you explain this isn’t working, this isn’t where you want to be anymore.


Look you didn’t cheat, you didn’t lie, you didn’t package it to be something it wasnt…you were straight up and yet they are still mad.


I get it if you meet someone and you like them, there is this chemistry. They tell you they want a relationship, that they never met anyone like you…that they want 50 years with you, they call you, text you, change plans to be with you…and then when you sleep with them…poof they are gone…no explanation, nothing,

I get being mad then.


They packaged it as one thing then like a switch and bait, they changed it up and left you out in the cold…


But if your up front if you say look I’m here and I’m not sure if I ever want to take this to the next level and then it doesn’t work, that’s on you, not on the other person.


I get it that you are hurt, but they never lied, they never said it was what it wasnt…

This wasn’t about telling you what you wanted to hear to get what you wanted to get…this was presented to you just as it was…you took it, fully knowing what was in that box.


You weren’t handed a box and then when you opened it, it was empty or with something you didn’t buy…


We need to realize that sometimes we can’t have what we want…that even if we feel one way, the other person may not. And that is cool, that is life, as long as we are all adults about it, it’s all good.


If we are upfront and say look we only want a one night stand, are you cool with it? The other person has that choice..yes, that’s cool or not for me thanks anyway and can walk away.


If you say I want to date and see what happens but I am not looking for marriage or living with someone, that person has a choice to say “You know I want more, so thanks but no”


Or if they chose the terms, they need to stick to them, they can’t go into it with the thoughts “I’ll chnage their minds eventually” And when they don’t, they get mad and blame you.

They talk shit about you, that you have issues…What telling the truth, issues? Packaging and presenting it just the way it was, issues?


No, you can’t blame or be mad because it doesn’t work out, if it was presented to you that way in the first place.


As for people who present it another way…that’s you, you do have issues, you lie to get what you want, you don’t care about others feelings…you are only for you and what you can get…that’s on you…and what comes around, goes around, believe me.


So today my friends remember how you package things…be mindful of others feelings, be real, be honest, be a grownup.

Say what you really want, do what you say, package it and present it as it is…

So you won’t be mad later…


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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