Girls just wanna have fun

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Girls just wanna have fun


It’s been a trip out here in the dating world, the last 4 years since I’ve been divorced.


Dating is nothing like it use to be when I dated back some 24 years ago, I can tell you that.

All the rules have changed, it’s a whole new world now….some good, mostly not so good.


We now have Internet dating which is a trip to say the least, you get to talk to hundreds of men you wouldn’t have access to before…great but it’s up to you to try to figure out of they are catfish or not…not so great.

You get to see them before you go out with them…great. Most of the time they look nothing like their pictures…not so great.


I’ve always been in a long term relationship and even when I got divorced, it was that I was looking for. But in the last 4 years of trying that and picking once again, the losers, I’ve decided that I am just going to have fun, screw it…


I am going to date, I am going to meet new people, have fun, go out and dance until my feet hurt. I am going to live in the moment and not worry about a relationship but live right now and if along the way God puts someone in my life then so be it.

(Yes, I said God needs to pick…. Hello… did you miss the part where I said that I continually pick losers…that is why he needs to pick for me)


So from now on I am not looking for long term…I am not looking for Mr Forever, I am looking for Mr Right now.

I am looking for fun…I am looking for dinners, dancing, shows, laughs and good times… believe me I forgot how much fun it was back in the day when I was just out here having fun.


Look life is too short, I might not meet the man of my dreams for years, I refuse to sit around and cry about…say that all men are dogs or just give up like so many of my friends.


I don’t give up, its not my style. I refuse to lump all men together just because I’ve chose the shitty ones, time and time again. I have plenty of wonderful male friends, I know there are good men out there.


I refuse to cry about it, no not happening. I will not be on the receiving end anymore, if anything I will be dishing it out.


Do I think I am all that? Do I think I am so beautiful? No, I know I am not the prettiest girl in the room but I know my worth, I know what I bring to the table and it is priceless.


I know that my spirit, my laughter, my positive attitude attracts people to me. I know I am a ride or die bitch, I will have your back, no matter what, I will be your biggest cheerleader, you will never find a more loyal person in your life besides your mama.


These are a few of my many qualities I have and I will not be just giving them to someone who doesn’t deserve them anymore. I will not settle, chase or beg a man to see these things, if you don’t…it’s your loss honey.


So today my friends…stop worrying about meeting the “Perfect” Guy, stop bashing all men, stop crawling into a hole just because another one is a loser, know your worth, know you are a precious Jewel and you will no longer just give away, what is worth millions.


So just have fun with it, go with the flow, date, explore, laugh…just have fun…

Never forgot Cindy Lauper’s song…”Girls just wanna have fun”


(Now your singing it aren’t you? I am and dancing around the room…Oh girls just wanna have fun… Baa haaa….)


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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