What kind of friend are you?

Thursday Treadmill Treats


What type of friend are you?


If you know me or you read my blog you know how important friendship means to me, as an only child, friends were the family I picked for myself.


I am a true friend to the end.

I will have your back through thick and thin and will do anything for you, stand up for you and even take my shirt off my back for you.

There is nothing I won’t do for my friends.


But if you hurt me we are done, if you are dishonest and if you are not there for me with the best intentions, then I have no use for you in my life. I am sorry if that might sound brutally cold but at this stage of the game in my life I don’t care.


I have no time for childish games, I know what I bring to the table and I know I am worthy of the same type of friends, that I am.


I’ve realized the last few years that some of my “so called” friends were not that at all. See they were my friend one minute than flip flop and say nasty things to me the next, acting like I owe you something, then to then turn around and smile in my face and expect me to to be okay with that, not happening!


You talk about me behind my back, not even knowing or caring to hear my side of things…remember there is always two side of things…

You post snide comments trying to get a reaction from me…

You want a reaction….well here it is, I am calling you out!


I even had one “friend” blatantly flirt with the man I had been involved with at my own birthday party no less…

Some “friend” she was…NOT!


I will put up with you at common functions and not be rude to you because of the fact that I enjoy the others company, but trust me that is for their behalf not yours.


But the friendship from me is gone, I will not be treated like some 2nd grade friend, you only being there when it benefits you, when you want to know the gossip, to get you something or to try to make yourself look better while putting someone else down doing so.


If you take joy out of calling someone out, acting like the world revolves around you or to make snide remarks to get pleasure out of seeing someone else hurt, we are done.


I’ve been there, done that and will no longer try to please someone else who clearly has their own issues and agendas.


It is not my job anymore to try to make someone happy, who will never be happy with themselves.

I have other friends who love me and know the type of friend I am and have my back always… not just when it benefits them.


So today my “friends” remember life is too short… there are some people who are meant to be in your life for a season, not forever, the ride is not for everyone and sometimes when your train is heading up the mountain it is better to know now, who is pushing with you and who is pulling on the brakes trying to hold you back.


The path is hard enough without carrying dead weight…let it go…cut it loose… there is an incredible view at the top that is only there for those who had your back while getting there.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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