What Easter is really about

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What Easter really means


I know that alot of the holidays seem to have two meanings, take Christmas, it’s all about the birth of Christ but somehow Santa got thrown in and now it seems to be more about him than the son of God.


Easter also got thrown over for the Easter bunny, who came up with this? Easter is about our saviors death and resurrection.


These are two of our holiness days and somehow, someone, somewhere decided… nope that’s too serious for us, we can’t let you have these holy days, so let’s invent some nonsense to cast a shadow over these days.

And we buy into all of this hype that casts a shadow over the real meaning.


It seems that many of us only go to church on these days, which to me, some is better than none, maybe the spirit will touch your heart, maybe this is your turning point back to God.


We all need a starting place and if these are the only two days you go, at least you are there to honor the son of God and you deserve praise for that.


This is what Christmas and Easter is, its a time to honor the son of God, to give thanks to God for bringing us his son, to teach us love and to teach us forgiveness.


Think about it for a moment, your child is amazing, he has this gift, he knows no hate, he teaches love and peace, he takes in all kinds of derelicts in his circle. Murders, thief’s, liars,¬†whores, the bottom of the barrel kinds of people, yet he loves them because he knows their souls.

Your child goes around the world, he preaches the word of God, but some people are afraid of him, of his truth. His own friend betrays him, he is arrested and beaten, he is given a death sentence and in front of everyone including you, he is nailed to a cross to die a slow death.

You have the power to save him, you hear his cries, “Why father have you forsaken me?” Yet you do nothing…


And at the end close to his death, he asks you to forgive those who did this to him…

You watch and let your only child die, so that the world could be saved, you have the power to end the world, to punish thoese who did this, to save him, yet you let him die.


There is not a parent out there who could ever do this…not one of you…yet he did.

God gave his only begotten son so that you may learn love and forgiveness, so he could wash away your sins with his blood.

To teach you that it doesn’t matter what color you are, what you did before, even what you even did to him, if you accept him, he will forgive you…


Can you say that? Be real..you can’t accept your sister saying something about you 20 years ago, never mind someone who betrays you and causes your death or your child’s death, that will never happen.


Yet he did all of that for us, he changed the world forever by this unselfish gift he gave us.

And even that has to be messed up with the invention of these fake characters to overshadow what is the true gift.


So today my friends remember what Easter is really about, it’s not about the Easter bunny, eggs or baskets, it’s about what God has done for us.

It’s about the love he shown us, a love so big that he watched his only begotten son die a slow death so that he could come back and teach us that nothing is impossible, no dream is too big, that love and forgiveness will conquer all and all you have to do is speak his name, all you have to do is say he is your Lord and savior and all your sins are forgiven…imagine that?


We all can learn from his life, to live life large, to be grateful,¬† to forgive, to love unconditionally…pretty simple huh?

Let’s never forget the true meaning of Easter.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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