My baby is eighteen today

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Cinco de Mayo special

My baby is eighteen…


I can’t even believe today is my baby’s eighteenth birthday, I am still shaking my head, like how did this happen?


I can remember when I found out I was pregnant with you, I was having pains and went to the doctor for some tests, he told me to sit down that he had some good news and some bad news.


No one ever wants to hear those words, he went on to tell me I was pregnant. Which I was shocked as I was still getting my period and the fact that I had endometriosis and they told me I would probably never have another child.


I was ecstatic, but then he came the bad news….I had some kind of tumor growing and he didn’t know if it was cancer.

In one second my world turned upside down, I would have to come back in a few weeks to see.


When I went back he informed me it grew way to fast and if it was cancer I wouldn’t survive the pregnancy, we had to go in now. I was 4 months along and this was major surgery that they would move the baby to one side and then remove the tumor, there was little chance of the baby’s survival, he made that very clear to me.


After a 8 hour surgery and the rest of the pregnancy on bed rest and lots and lots of praying, Miss Sarah J. Came to the world on Cinco de Mayo at 3:48 in the afternoon.


All the doctors and nurses called you a miracle baby, you survived all the odds to come.

You were always smiling, always happy, you never cried, never fussed, but lord was you were into everything, and was the best escape artist ever.

Escaping from your crib, your stroller, my hand, let go of you for one second and you were off and running.

I can still see you sucking your thumb while carrying around ellie and cely.


You were the perfect student, always on the honor rolls, the perfect child never saying or doing anything wrong, maybe too much so as we all know we can never achieve perfection and this took a toll on you.


Your teenage years were hard on both of us, living in a home with a verbally abusive father, a mother that was misrable and a sister who always caused drama weighed heavy on this free spirits soul.


After my dad died, one of my best friends, your “uncle Waltie”¬†and then my mom dieing all in a span of 3 years, something died in both of us, all of this changed you.

You were depressed, moody, you hated the world and who could blame you as this was too much for a teenager to have to handle.


When I finally left your dad, you thought I left you too, our relationship was strained but I kept pushing through, always there for you, telling you time and time again how much I loved you, that I knew your pain and all of this would pass.


Eventually we got past this, you got past this and you pulled it together even finishing high school early.

This month is especially blessed for us… you are a young women today and at the end of the month you will be graduating, we are at an amazing place in our lives, with you living with me full time with your sister.


Our home is filled with peace, joy and laughter, we have all overcame alot, we fought the battles and came out victorious. This fight has made our love stronger, it makes me proud to know I raised this amazing young women.


So today my miracle baby, I want to tell you and the world how proud of you I am.


That you have overcome so much, yet you are still loving, caring and have a heart of gold. You are compassionate, funny, unique and you definitely dance to your own drummer just like I taught you.


You are going to have an amazing life, with college off in the near future… you my dear can and will do anything you set your mind to.

You are truly God’s gift and as your uncle Ricardo always says you are gifted, but I always knew that, see you have and will always be my gift.


Fly free…my gift…see the world, change the world…be you, never worry about what others say…share this amazing gift with everyone you meet…


And know your biggest cheerleader will always be here for you…praying for you…Loving you for you… the amazing young women you have become…I am so proud of you…

Happy eighteenth birthday baby!!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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