My best writing

My best writing…


Some of my best writing comes from pain, from hurt, from anger.

It is when my heart is broken, when I lay…broken in pieces that I write my best work, it’s  that honesty, that raw emotion comes through.


I bear my soul, I put it all out there for the world to see because I can’t hide what I feel, I can’t lie, I can’t pack it away in a little box and pretend I am not feeling the way I am.


For so many years I did that… listening to my mother after my rape and abortion “We shall never speak of this again”

Through my abusive marriage, lying and hiding my true feelings, I can’t and won’t do that anymore, I have to be real.


Like it or not this is my truth and I must speak my truth. Yes… it scares some people because they don’t want what they are feeling spoken outloud.

It makes it too real for them, as if someone is looking in their soul, seeing their deepest darkest feelings.


I can not hold my truth back because you can’t deal with yours…this is my path…my path to hopefully enlighten others.


I wear my heart on my sleeve, I am honest, I am real and when I hurt, what helps is writing. Some people cry, some get depressed, some drink or eat…I write.


Some of my best work came from the hell I was feeling after my divorce, when I fell for Mr.Con Artist and threw him to the curb. I lost myself and my pain in writing my book, for a year I emerge myself writing my pain away.


When people read my book and tell me they cried reading it, I know my pain paid off. That all that I had, went into it, that I made the readers feel what I was feeling. It’s when I realize that even that…even that pain, that hurt was for a reason.


I realize that this pain I am feeling now is also for a’s to open myself up, to share these feelings. It’s here for a lesson, even if I can’t see what the lesson is right now.


I have learned just to go with it, do what I do best to get through the hurt…I pray and I write.


So today my friends remember, the pain your feeling right now is here for a reason, to make you grow, to close a door you refuse to, to deal with something…this can be a sliver lining to doing your best work, to growing, to change…

Never let your pain hold you down use it for your good.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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