Here I go home yet again

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Here I go home yet again


In the last few years I have been blessed to go home alot.

I know I have lived in Florida for the last 26 years but to me my heart and my home will always be New York.


Don’t get me wrong I love Florida, I love the weather, the beaches, the weather…oh wait did I say that already?

Besides that, well not so much more.


There is an energy in New York, and you can say all you want about the people in New York but they are a bred all their own. We are loyal to a fault, we are a friend forever, we love our city and will stand to defend it in a heartbeat.


I can’t say the same about the people from Florida, no offense but it’s too transient, there are no roots for people here and you talk about rude… New York has got nothing on rudeness compared to here.


This trip I get to play tour guide to my church family singles group, that I am part of. They are so excited to go for the first time and I am excited to show them my city that I call home.


I will be taking them to all the “New York things”

The Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center, China Town and Little Italy.

We are going to see the Broadway play, Wicked, we are going to a taping of Good Morning America, we will see Rockefeller Center, St Patrick’s cathedral and Central park.


I will introduce them to dirty water dogs, pastrami sandwiches, real New York pizza and bagels. Cannolis made in little Italy for the last 75 years and the best Chinese food in the world.

We will then go to Lindys for cheese cake that will make your mouth water.


I am excited to show them the subway, the local hangouts and the sites and sounds that make my city, the best in the world.


There is nothing like the feeling I get going home, every single time, it’s the same thing, the same feeling.

There is no city in the world like New York and I am just not bias, the rest of the world feels the same way as well.


So today my friends, I am so happy to be going home yet again and to be able to show my church family why I love my city so much.

New York city here we come!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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