London bridge has fallen down

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


London Bridge has fallen down


My heart is once again aching for the people of London as another radical crazy person has bombed the London Bridge.


I can’t wrap my head around it and I am sure many of you reading this can say the same thing. That you can’t wrap your head around why someone would want to do this. Kill innocent people, kill children who have no political or religious views, for what reason?


Because you think we should all believe in your “religion” that because we are different, we have different views, different sexual preferences that you are automatically better than them and they must be destroyed?


What “religion” makes you hate others? Makes it okay to kill people? When is this ever okay?


And instead of us coming to together to fight the forces of evil, we are more divided than ever.


Somehow it’s now okay to hate again, it’s okay to bring out your white sheets again, it’s okay to segregate people yet again.

When was this ever okay? And what kind of person are you, that your not up in arms about all of this?


You should be in an uproar for what’s going on, yet so many of you fall silent, not wanting to upset people, maybe not wanting people to delete you on social media.

Please!! Who gives a shit! If we don’t stand up, we are part of the problem not the solution!


It’s not okay to think your better than someone else, it’s not okay to hate someone because of their skin color, their religious beliefs or their sexual preferences….Hello it’s never okay!


See what happens when you don’t speak out is they start to win, they get stronger, they know they can get away with more and more and slowly it becomes alright…and before you know it, we are back in concentration camps, saying how did this happen?


We must stand up for wrongs, for the people whose lives were cut short and no longer have a voice, for our children and grandchildren who we will be leaving this world to.


We must overcome evil, but the only way to do this is with love, with unity, with one world, that is on the same page, the page that says, everyone is different and it’s okay, it’s what makes us unique and beautiful.


So today my friends, stand up, speak out, tell the haters out there you will not follow their evil plan, to divide the world, to make it okay to hate, you have a voice…use it before it’s too late.


Tell them it’s not okay to kill innocent people, it’s not okay to hate because people are different, it’s not okay…it’s just not okay…


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of this tragic incident on the beloved London Bridge ….may we all be one in love♡♡♡♡


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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