Finding peace in your life

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Finding peace in your life


Today’s blog may be more for me than you…recently alot of things have come at me…I am human and sometimes it’s tough, sometimes I get down, sometimes it gets hard but the one thing I’ve learned is to hold on to my peace, when I am not centered my peace goes away…and I have worked too hard to let that happen.


Every one is always talking about finding peace in their lives. Is there is chaos in your life? Is there is always so much drama around you?


You never get a minutes peace and you wonder why is life doing this to you?

Is this you? Are you thinking you will never have peace?


Stand up and be accountable for your life, peace is a choice, you choose to have peace in your life! Simple huh?

Yes, you choose to have peace, Its up you.


I write a lot about choices because that is what life is about! Yes, things will get thrown at you, life is not always going to be a bed of roses! Get over it, it is what it is! But its about how you chose (there is that word again)

to deal with it, that will make or break you.


I write every day, I write about my story, about what got me to where I am today. It was my choice, to give my life to God, because I was broken and hurting,

I was lost and dying inside, I chose to believe I could do it, even when everyone including my own mother said I would never make it on my own.


I chose to be happy,

I chose to be positive every day, I chose to have peace and joy in my heart.

How do I do this? I let go and I give it all to God, I can’t do this on my own, look what a mess I made of my life without him.


I chose to pray and let God worry, nothing changes when you worry, nothing! So why do it then? I no longer worry about anything!


I chose to be grateful each and every day, even when things are falling apart around me, even in the face of the storm, I know I will be alright.


Even when I feel lost, when life is throwing so much at me, when my heart is breaking and I don’t know why all of this is happening, I still look to God, I still believe it will get better.


See I know that this is a test, to see how great my faith is, to teach me a lesson, to see if I will break or if I will stand tall in my faith but I will past this test, see no matter what…. I know it will get better.


We all have seasons in our life, we have wonderful seasons and yes, we will have hard seasons. We will have to endure the bad ones and be grateful for the good ones but its up to us to hold on to our faith. To keep praising and keep thanking him for every day that I am alive, to know I will be alright.

I chose not to complain about what I don’t have and give thanks for what I do.


Oh, here’s a big one that most people can’t or won’t do….

I chose to change, change me, change bad habits, change my surroundings, even change the people in my life, if that is necessary to make my life more peaceful.


Sometimes change is tough but without change you will not get to your goals, your dreams and to your peace.


So today my friends, you say you want a peaceful life? Here are the steps to help you get there, now it is your choice to do something about it. Remember chose wisely because you only have one shot and life is way too short!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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