How do you deal with the stress in your life?

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How do you deal with the stress in your life?


We all have stress in our lives, we live in a fast pace world, we want more, we want to keep up with the the Jones, whoever they might be.


Just getting by takes all you got these days and being a single mom out here is twice as tough.

We want to be the best mom’s we can be, be there for our children, pay the bills, deal with our homes, our jobs, try to fit in some kind of love life and still have time for ourselves, our friends and our families.


It’s enough to drive yourself nuts, if you let it. I know about all of these things as I am a single mom and I am human. Sometimes it’s just too much, sometimes life throws so much crap at you, that you feel like your drowning, that you think your taking 2 steps forward just to get knocked 3 steps backwards.


We’ve all been there, things seem to be going well, we are ahead, life is going along, your dealing with things, when all of a sudden bam!

Shit hits the fan, you lose a job, something unexpected happens, someone comes at you, your heart gets broken, or sometimes it all comes at once…bam there it is!


Recently this has happened to me and it seemed overwhelming, like why me? Why is this happening again? When will I ever catch a break?


I did a little pitty party, I cried, I laid in the tub with wine and tried to figure out what was my next move, I cried…wait did I already say that…okay so I did alot of that…


But then I realized I can’t do stress, it was stealing my peace, I worked so hard for my peace and I want it always in my life, so I am willing to do anything to keep it here.


So I did what have done for years, I prayed and let God worry. See I know time and time again that when one door closes another one opens, see he does this.


He didn’t bring me this far to leave me, I have been through worst, I am a survivor, I am a fighter. Yes, I will get knocked down but you better not be stupid enough to bet against me, because I will rise again and again.


Each time you think I am out for the count, every time you think I have lost, I will come back, stronger than ever.

See the impossible is my life…

Yes, I’ve overcome things that would have killed others and I have had blessings that seem impossible, it’s because I have faith that is unstoppable.


So yes, the storms may be here now, yes my heart may have been broken, yes, people have come against me, yes, situations may have changed but trust me, this will only make me stronger, this will only make my faith stronger.


See you don’t know my God, see you don’t know that when the storm is here, I can dance in the rain, I can speak my truth, I can stumble but I will get back up.

I will keep fighting, I will keep putting my story out there for others to find hope in, this is my purpose, this is why I must go through what is thrown at me time and time again.


And when you really need a kick in the ass you can always go to the one person in your life who will give it to you real…for me it’s my church husband…who told me that no one gets blessed more than me, that no one has a faith like mine… that even when it looks really bad God always comes through for me…. So why would I be stressing?


So I will not lose sleep over it, I will not cry another tear, I will not stress or worry. Instead I will pray, I will look inside for the lessons I’ve obviously needed to learn. I will cry tears of gratitude for all that I have, for the road I have already traveled, for the strength to persevere in spite of everything.


So today my friends I know you might be going through the storms right now, I know that you might be tired, that it seems like it will never end.


That you’ve cried enough tears to fill a ocean…I know…but hold on….go to your higher power whatever that may be…

Let go of things you have no control over, let peace take over your life…believe that anything is possible and it will be okay…this is just a season…but seasons dont last forever….


Ask yourself how are you dealing with the stress in your life? And then change it!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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