Racism in your own neighborhood

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Racism in your own neighborhood


Yesterday while I was on Facebook I saw a friend of mine, that I grew up with, post a picture of some Islamic women with the caption that said and I quote

“Dirty bastards taking over Brooklyn”


I had to stop and look twice, like I couldn’t believe what I just saw and I responded with exactly what I was thinking…. “Wow….Did you really just say that???”


Yes, welcome to the new world where all the closeted racists are now free to come out of the closet, hurry grab your white sheets, it’s okay to be a dick again!


I guess it surprised me as we grew up in such a diversified town, we had black friends, gay friends, interracial friends, Spanish friends, Indian friends, Jewish friends, Christian friends, this was truly a melting pot of people. So when did you become a racist?


And when did you think it was okay to post it on social media? I am still stunned at the blatant disrespect of another human being.


Saying  you hate a whole race or culture because of what a few people have done is like when in the 70’s when people blamed all the dobermans for one attack. In the 80’s it was the rottweiler and in the 90″s it was the bit bull…

No, it wasn’t all of these types of dogs that attacked but people blamed all of them for the few attacks, they were all bad…they had to be banned….everyone jumped on the ban wagon…we must get rid of them….


Same thing applys here because a radical bunch of Muslims have done these terrible acts, the whole group gets blamed.


I shouldn’t be surprised, it happened in World War 2 when we gathered up all people of Japanese descent and put them in camps in the United States because of what other Japanese did. Where does that make any sense?


That’s like saying I should be put in jail because I am Italian and look what Mussolini did, so I shouldn’t be trusted. Really?? Does that make any sense at all?


Why does it bother you so much that people are different than you? Gay marriage is not effecting your life, an Islamic women sitting on a bench laughing with her friends is not a threat to you and interracial couple that has done nothing to you.


They do not deserve to have to deal with your hateful ways, they are just living their life and they, like all of us have a right to live it without hateful words spoken to them, without worrying about getting pulled over, without seeing hateful images on the Internet.


Who died and left you God to judge others? You all make me laugh, so righteous looking down, pointing fingers at others when your own houses are a mess.


When you cheat on your wife’s, have children out of wedlock, when you are dishonest and lie to others, but that’s okay in your twisted mind.

Yet you all think it’s okay to judge others and speak about them like they are sub human.


He who has no sin, cast the first stone….

Go ahead anyone…anyone…..yeah I didn’t think so….


I am truly sadden for the state of this world I am leaving to my children. I am saddened that as far as we have come, for women rights, equality for the LGBT community, the overcoming of segregation, the rights of a women’s body and so many other rights, that people fought and died for,

that now we are letting it slip away.


We need to be that voice for the people that don’t have one, that are too afraid to speak up, that one day could be you or I….


So today my friends take a stand, let the people in your life know it’s not okay…

Stand up, be heard….we are all one…no matter what color, what religion, what sexual preference.


We are all humans, we all bleed the same color…we all have the same wants, we want a family, love, to be able to live in peace and not fear….

We are all one…it’s only when you chose to see the difference that you will….


This year has taught me alot of lessons and one of them is to get rid of toxic people so I am putting it out there if your a racist, you are no longer welcomed in my world…my world only has room for love and not hate….

Take a stand and do the same!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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