Why I no longer fear

The reason I no longer fear


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On Monday I wrote about a sermon I needed to hear about fear. Yes, I am Christian but I am human as well and sometimes it’s hard…life is hard let’s be real here…

Sometimes life sucks, things come at you, people screw you over, you lose jobs, you lose “friends” Sometimes you lose yourself trying to please others, it’s tough to get through a day at times.


And I am not immune to it just because I am “Christian” Being Christian doesn’t automatically give you a perfect life, just the skills to deal with an imperfect life.


Yes, Miss motivational speaker, Miss I write an inspirational blog, Miss I am always positive, yes, I get down, I cry, I ask why me? Again, I am human and I want anyone out there to say “No, that’s not me” And I will say your lying…


We are all human, even preachers, we all go through storms and think, I don’t think I can make it, how will I make it? I am too tired to make it….


Yes, for the most part I do live by what I preach, I have faith, I have peace. I don’t worry but there are times when everything is coming at you at once, when your ducking and weaving so much you feel like your in a prize fight and your losing.


We all have been there and recently my daughter is going through this, this kid stresses over everything, she makes herself sick with worry and Lord she’s only twenty.


If she’s stressing at twenty like this what’s going to happen when real life hits, bills, kids, a husband…what’s going to happen then?


So I am trying to teach her that all that stress and worry won’t change the outcome of anything she is worried about.


This is my teaching, my put my money where my mouth is moment, as shit is hitting the fan in my life as well but I have decided not to worry.


Yes, she wrecked her car, yes, she has no money, yes, her father is horrible towards her. This is huge for the 2 of us as we try to figure out what we are going to do about all of this.


But through all of this, I refuse to let all of this steal my peace and as I wrote yesterday, I have came to far to do that.

So I am teaching her to let it go, to have faith, to believe that it will get better.


She is one tough cookie and this is no different but if I can get her to see me, see the fact that I am brutally honest with both my girls about my life. If I can get her to see my problems and how I am choosing to deal with them maybe she will get it.


If I lose sleep, if I stress to the point I literally make myself sick is that going to make a car appear, is it going to put money in my bank account? Is all of my problems suddenly going to change? No….absolutely not so why do it?


I chose ….Oh there’s that word again…I chose to not worry, I chose to stay in a state of peace.

Is it easy?…Now come on is anything easy in the beginning?

Why do we always want easy?No, it’s not but the more and more you do it, it gets easier, it becomes a habit and eventually it seems natural and you no longer think about it, it is just something you do.


And even when you slip back into old habits, you can realize it faster and go back to that place of peace.


So today my friends this blog is for my beautiful, kind, smart and amazing daughter….it will be okay…watch me….learn from me …. I am here for you always, we will get though this.


God has favor over our lives, he got this….let go of your fear….just have faith and until you do, don’t worry, I have enough faith for the two of us…. remember anything is possible if you believe!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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