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When its over…our breaking point


We all have a breaking point, a point where enough is enough, when you refuse to put up with shit for one more minute, not even for one more second.


When you realize you’ve been doing it all yourself, when you know that other person is not willing to step up and when you know this is no longer good for you.


Women are funny creatures, we will love you, we will put up with your crap, we will do anything to save a relationship but when it’s over…it’s done…finished…there is no going back.


When you get to that point where you no longer care, when you realize you’ve wasted so much time, when you refuse to cry over this loser, for one more second, it is then that that door to our hearts closes shut and it’s locked shut forever.


For so many of us, we will go back, we believe the lies, wanting it to work so bad that, you get sucked in, yet again. You love him and your heart over rules your head.


You want to see the good side, you want to believe he is a good man, that he’s not lying or┬ácheating….again.

(Okay, sorry…I’m a one and done chick, you cheat once, we are done, no second chance…ever!!)


But I do know many women that will take back the dirt bags even if they cheated a few times, because as women, we love that strong. We love you…we give you our hearts, you are part of our souls and we want it to work, so badly some times, that we will lose ourselves trying to save the relationship.


For so many of us, we are romantics, we are living for the candlelight dinners, the flowers, the love notes, the affection and yes, that will work till a point….but when you cross that point all the flowers in the world won’t help you.


If you can’t back up your words with actions, when over and over your actions speak louder than your words, when you break our hearts time and time and time again….we are done.


Once that happens, once our hearts turn into stone…then your finished.


We will get mad, we will curse you, we will realize that we deserve better. We will realize all that we gave to you, we will open our eyes and see what great women we are. We will know that some other man will see our worth, when you are to stupid to see it, or too lazy to keep it.


We will find someone else, we will move on and look back at all we did to try to please you and all you did to take advantage of that love and think…why did we ever put up with your shit.


And when you realize what you’ve lost and you will…it will be too late…we will have past that stage, we would have already out grown you and your childness.


So today my friends, especially my male readers, please know if you find a good women, do not treat her that way, treat her with respect, love her, cherise her, put in the time and effort just as you would if it was your job.

Make her feel like the only one in the world, text to let her know she’s on your mind, romance her, give her all your free time. Give her what she wants most, your honesty, your time and your heart.


Fellows… if you do that you will have a ride or die chick, you will have a women who will do anything for you, she will have your back, be there for you and be your biggest cheerleader.


But if you don’t…that heart will eventually close you out…for good…and you will know you have pushed her to her breaking point.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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When it’s over…our breaking point