Hating bitches arent happy and happy bitches arent hating

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Hating bitches aren’t happy, Happy bitches aren’t hating


My cousin said this to me recently and I thought how true…this says it all.


I choose never to hate, never to be envious. I am truly happy for my friends when they get promotions, when something great happens to them, when they meet the man of their dreams.


I am happy for them as if it was happening to me, my heart fills with joy for them. This is when you know you are happy and fulfilled in your own life. When even though you might not have everything you might want your still grateful for what you do have and you can share in the joy of others.


On the other hand hating bitches aren’t happy, they are jealous, petty and angry. They think that it should have have happened to them, why wasn’t them?

They will never be happy for you as they are too busy hating on you for what they think they should have gotten.


I don’t have time to worry about hating bitches, I am too busy being happy, I am too busy giving praise to God for the blessings he shows to me and my friends.

I am too busy praying for others to get what they want or need.


See being happy isn’t all about you, it’s about helping others, it’s about praying for other’s lives to improve, it’s about giving, even when you don’t have it because you know how it feels to be there. You know how it feels to feel hopeless and this small thing you have sacrificed, will give them the hope to go on.


You will sacrifice your own happiness for another, because you know it’s not your time.. yet, but it is their time now and you would never want to ruin it for them.


My other friend said to me last night, that not everyone is happy for your blessings and I thought how sad… how sad that you are so wrapped up in yourself and what you think you are owed, what you think you deserve, that you can’t or won’t be happy for someone’s else blessings.


I’ll never forgot when a friend of mine who was also in a verbally abusive marriage finally moved out. I helped her move and unpack with hardly nothing that she took with her, as she sat there amongst the empty room, the look of peace on her face made me cry.

I was so happy for her, she did it, she was finally free and happy and even though I was still deep into my own verbally abusive marriage, I could still be happy for her, genuinely happy, that she did it.


That is when you know you are happy within yourself. When you are both in the same situation but your friend gets to the finish line first, as much as you may have wanted to get there first, your still happy she did it and know that it couldn’t have happened to a nicer or more deserving person.


This is when you realize what side of this statement you are on… Are you hating? Or are you happy?

So today my friends, can you honestly answer that question?


Look deep inside and find out because hating bitches are happy and happy bitches aren’t hating.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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