Happy 4th of July

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


Happy 4th of July


Today so many of us are off, we will be at the beach, or the lake or at pools across our country. We will be barbecuing with family and friends, we will be drinking and laughing and partying but how many will really think about why we have this day off? That is day celebrates our freedom, our country’s freedom.


We are the home of the free…but only because of the brave, the one’s who fought for us, for that right.


We can not ever forget that nor should we ever, especially during this terrible time in our country. Where racism has reared its ugly head again, when we have a “President” that at any minute may put us in World War 3, that seems to be taking us down that road to dictatorship, where we will lose all of our rights.


Yes, this fourth of July we need to remember how important it is to truly have our freedom.

We need to stand up as a nation and be heard.


We need to speak to the powers that be, that we will always be heard, that our voices matter because that is what so many men and women of this mighty country died for…our rights, our voices.


We will never be truly free until we all have the same rights, women, men, blacks, whites, Muslims, Christians, straight, gay or in between, we all bleed red. We all want to be loved, to love, to protect our children, to give them and our families the best we can. We want to walk down the street and not worry about our safety because of our choices.


We want the freedom of speech, we want to be able to speak out against the wrongs of the world, we are the land of the free…these should be everyone’s rights.


So today my friends, in the middle of our good times or maybe tonight when your holding your loved ones watching the fireworks in the sky above, will you stop and say a prayer of thanks to all of those who fought and continue to fight for our rights to be free, to be able to speak our minds freely and to give thanks that we have these rights because of them.


I would like to say a personal thank you to all the service people out there…there are no words to thank you enough for stepping up to protect our rights, today and everyday…

This day is for you ♡♡♡


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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