Money vs happiness

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Money vs happiness, which do you pick?


A few years ago my friend came down here for a job interview and the question she left with in her mind was about the money they were offering her here.


Now I know money is important in our lives but how important? What if it’s about the quality of life versus the quantity of money?


Would you go for more money if your not happy where you are? If you just went to work day after day and came home, never to enjoy all the money your making, does that make it a great life?


What if you made less but you had friends, you did things, you got out, met new people, enjoyed your life, is that not worth more than the extra money?


We only have one life and most of us (women especially) give up half of our life for our families. We give it up for our children, to meet their needs, to make sure they are taken care of, to our spouses to try to make them happy, we gladly put our needs on the back burners to make sure their needs are met first.


But now they are grown and they have their own lives, now that we have given our all to everyone else, we are faced with the question, who am I? Is this what life is really about? There has to be more…


We are entitled to have a incrediable life, a life that is worth living but as I know first hand it is definitely not all about the money. Money does not buy you happiness, it may fill a never ending hole but it doesn’t fill your soul.


You need to fill your soul with what makes you happy, it might be friends, volunteering, the beach, but it has nothing to do with money or things, I can assure you of that!


I have many clients that have so much “stuff” clothes with tags, through out their closets, hundreds of pairs of shoes, designer purses and clothes, a big houses, fancy cars but at night they are alone and lonely. They hurt inside so bad they cry themselves to sleep, they have no one there for them, no real friends, no life but hey they have all that “stuff” to fill them up.


I know that feeling because I was one of them, I had the big life, I had all of the toys, the cars, the fancy vacations yet all the stuff couldn’t fill the hurt in my heart. I was still broken and sad… and no money in the world could fix me.


Is that the life you want? Filled with things that are meaningless or do you want a life filled with joy?

I chose to walk away, I chose my happiness over the money and let me tell you, there has never been one day that I’ve ever regreted my decision.


So today my friends, remember the choice is yours, remember that  money does not buy happiness, but if you live your purpose filled life, you will be taking care of your real needs. You life will be filled with love, peace and joy and that my friends, that is truly priceless.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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