Your words create your world

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


Your words become your world


I am a true believer in these words and I am living proof this works.


All you have to do is believe, sounds simple right? Because it is, you are what you speak, the law of attraction, so a man speak it, so he is. Yes, there are many ideas about this out there and they all work.


Look if you walk around saying I will never be anything, I can’t do that or this will never happen, it won’t.

You have already trained your mind to believe it, you set it out to the universe and it is so.


I never gave up, even in my darkest moments, I held on to my dreams. Even as my world crashed around me, I believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that it would happen, even when it didn’t seem possible, I believed it was.


In my darkest times, I always prayed and asked for certain things. I visualized what my life was going to look like, even down to what my home would look like.


I spoke the words over my life….I am successful, I am peaceful, I am blessed, I am joyous and all of this came to pass.


I believed it even while tears were streaming down my face and my heart was breaking.

I knew he had greater things for me, that I would just have to hold on, to keep giving thanks, even if it was just waking me up.

I started off small, I gave thanks for my girls and their health, my health, but I made myself be grateful for something, every day.


I never gave up on my dreams, I could see what I wanted my life to be, I could feel it, smell it and touch as if it was real to me.


Yes, I did my part I read books to try to improve myself, I took classes, I researched the things I want to do and become and then I left it to God and the universe.


I had people around me who also believed, that is important, get rid of the na sayers, you dont need that negativity in your life.

You need people who believe, I can remember a girlfriend who told me she prayed on a $5000 raise, she believed it as if it already happened and guess what? It did happen!

I saw my praise leader, who prayed over a illness that was threatening his vocal cords, this man who sings like an angel, he saw himself well, he believed that he would get better and he did!

I saw a women at my church with stage 4 cancer, that was giving month’s to live, she believed she was cured and guess what? She was!


There are so many stories like this, hell The secret made billions of dollars telling people how this works….are all those people crazy?


No, it works, I still do this, I can see me on stage speaking to thousands of people.

I envision myself speaking to Tony Robbins, Oprah and Tyler Perry about my Ny Times bestselling books, about a movie of my life story.

I see myself traveling around the world and being an international blogger, just as if I was there and it was already happening.


I never give up, I have faith, even when I can’t see how it could happen, even when the dream seems too big, even when the years roll by, I hold on to my dream and know…this is coming, this will be a reality just like all the other things I envisioned for my life.


So today my friends, I am here to tell you, that yes, your words create your world, you can bring anything into realtiy, so remember to speak wisely!


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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