I need more than one message

Treadmill Treats Monday message


Sometimes I need a few messages…


I am Christian, I believe in God’s word but I am also human and Italian which means I am hard headed.

I get a message, I hear it and yet I need another message to confirm the first one, and just in case, I want to make sure I hear the first two messages right, so I need just one more…just one more to make sure.


When I get all three I know this is for me, now your laughing because this might be you as well. Look we are human sometimes we need to see it and feel it to believe it. Even if we have faith we need these confirmations to know it’s for sure.


God has a lot of patience with me, thank him…he knows I am hard headed…so over and over again he will give me three messages. He will let me open the doors he has shut for me, even when he knows he has better for me.


God knows my heart, he knows I have crazy faith, he knows I believe, even when the storms are coming at me are so bad I can hardly stand up. He knows I believe anything is possible with him but he also knows I am new in my walk with him and sometimes I question to see if it’s his voice or my own and this is way I need signs.


Time and time again I ask for signs, I bargain with him, okay you want me to give this money to so and so…well if I turn around and she’s the first person I see I will…and yup, you guessed it there she is.


Or when he put it in my heart to start this business, I asked for a specific sign… bam Groupon called but I needed another one and some stranger told me not to worry about this business I was starting but still I wasn’t convinced so I took another job only to have God step in and close that door…yes, I was the first person ever to be let go on their first day… So that I could trust him completely and I did and 4 years later am still trusting him with this business. Yes, all God and all good.


How about recently when I prayed about my circumstances and the storms coming at me yet again, I asked for a word, my church husband gave me the one I needed but God knew I needed more so that Sunday the message was about fear, the same exact message church husband gave me and church husband says “See God knows your hard headed self and gave you another sign” and just in case I didn’t get it, the following Wednesday another message was mine as well….Yes, I get it God..you know me and know how I am.


I am trying and the messages are getting closer to each other and the more patience God has with me the more I realize the signs are mine and to listen to that inner voice, his voice in me.

But I will forever be human and as much as I try, I will continue to make mistakes …. and I thank him again for his grace.


So today my friends remember we are all works in progress, we all screw up, we all question what God is showing us, we question that voice we hear, we all are human just trying to be the person God has made us to be…some of us just take longer than others and it’s okay God knows this…and he still loves us in spite of our faults and Yes, he knows I need more than one mesaage…and maybe you do too…

God has messages for all of us…just listen.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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