The Justin Bieber upset

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The Justin Bieber upset


Yesterday the web was buzzing with the latest news of Justin Bieber.


He was burnt out, he was cancelling his world tour and he was giving his life over to God.

I am not sure which sent people more over the edge. Okay… yes, I know…it was definitely the giving his life over to God that got people.


Look this man has been in the spotlight since he was a preteen, he was at one time the hottest thing next to sliced bread, millions of girls screamed his name, including my girls who were just as crazy for him.


He grew up in the spotlight, all of his screw ups, all of his dating, all of his awkward teenage moments where out there for the world to see. His whole life became public entertainment, with everyone and their mothers weighing in, bashing him, hating on him or just being plain mean.


Yes, that’s what this world has come to, so many people sit behind their computers and know nothing of this person, this person with feelings and they hate on them and put them down. For no other reason that they are jealous and or they have no lives of their own.


I can’t imagine living in that kind of fishbowl day after day. So yeah, after all these years, maybe he woke up one day and said what is the real meaning to my life? Maybe all this money, this fame, is not making me happy, who am I? What is my purpose? Maybe he got it way before a lot of us did and I think that’s wonderful.

I applaud him, that he got it before he was 40 or 50 with so many wasted years behind him or before drugs and alcohol took their toll on him, like so many other entertainers we lost way to young.


We should be congratulating him and not talking shit about him, none of us have walked in his shoes, we know nothing of this “fame” he had to deal with.


He needs some time out, he needs to find himself, he needs to find his true purpose…who are you to question that? Haven’t we all felt like that at one time or another? Let’s be real.


I am thrilled that he will now be a different kind of role model, maybe believing in a higher power will now be cool, or the “in thing” Maybe this generation will start thinking about something more then themselves…. oh….wouldn’t that be something?


Maybe the rest of the world will see that money and fame doesn’t buy you happiness or peace inside of yourself. That there’s more than stuff, more than fame for the sake of fame, that there is a huge price to pay when you sell your soul.


So today my friends remember we should be celebrating, we should be cheering him on, we shouldn’t be throwing rocks when none of us are perfect and we all have a path we need to go down.


So here’s to you Justin,

I am so happy that you want to find your purpose, that God is calling you, that you are “dancing to the beat of your own drummer” as I always say to my girls, you do you. Be a new role model, show the world, show the haters, that when God has called you, you must listen…

So may God bless you and your new journey. It won’t be easy but you got this, know there are people who are behind you, who are cheering you on, who “believe”


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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