What gets me through…

Treadmill Treats Monday Message


What keeps me going


With all that life throws at us, with as hard as it is to even get out of bed sometimes, with times that you can’t stop crying, there is one thing that gets me through it all and that is my God.


I know he will keep me, he will provide for me, he will protect me and even when I feel he is not listening, when I want things on my time, I know he is there and that he is an on time God, maybe just not on my time.


I am learning patience, maybe I needed to know who really had my back, before this fame came and I was blinded. Maybe he showed me the last few men’s true colors so that when the man he has for me will show up, I will know what a good man looks like.


Maybe he has the haters come at me now, so I will learn what to do what thousands of haters will attack me because of the words I speak.


Maybe things come and go and hard times come at me because he wants me to depend only on him. Maybe I need to go through the storm to appreciate the sunshine.


I know I needed the bad times to really make me grateful for what I have now.


See, I now look at everything as a lesson, what is the lesson in this? What am I suppose to learn from this? And every time I am suppose to learn something, I stop and listen to God’s voice, to know what that is.

Is it easy? Oh please, no… it’s far from easy but these are lessons we need to learn, to move on to our next journey.


See if I didn’t go through hell, if I didn’t walk through the fire, I wouldn’t have known my strength to walk on fire!

If I didn’t hit rock bottom, I wouldn’t know what it takes to pull myself out and when I hit rock bottom the second time, I knew what it took to do it, yet again.


If I didn’t feel betrayal, then I wouldn’t know true loyalty, if I didn’t date all these crappie men, then I wouldn’t know the great man God is sending to me.

If I didn’t know failure then I couldn’t appreciate winning and success


Yes, all of this is bringing me one step closer to his final goal for me, his purpose for my life.

This….this crazy ride we call life is all about our testimony and what we do with it, either we can become bitter, angry and negative and say to everyone “Life sucks, look nothing ever goes right, I have nothing, nothing but bad luck and it’s never going to change”

We all know people like this, hell my grandma was exactly like this.


But I chose to wear my failures, like a badge of honor. I chose to always look on the bright side. I chose to tell my testimony, to show others what is possible if you believe…this is what I chose to do.


So today my friends remember, the choice is yours…you can live your life in negativity, you can hate on your circumstances and curse God and the universe or you can be like me and chose to see the bright side, to

believe he has you, that God will take care of you, and then you can say with confidence.. this is what gets me through.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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