Online dating update

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Online dating update


I write about things I know about, in the last 4 years I know a lot about dating, since I’ve been divorced.


Oh Lord, have I become an expert on this subject, unfortunately it has not been a great experience for me but as always I have learned lessons and I can still laugh about it and the bonus plan, it gives me something to write about.


So here are some tips from a women’s prospective for the single men out there on the dating sites, these are things we like and what is a total turn off.


If you men want to write me and tell me your thoughts I would love to write another blog on them.


So….let’s start with… Dam, this is going to be a big list.


1. Pictures:

You must have one friend, a sister, a cousin, any one who will take a few nice pictures of you, now come on.


2.The dirty bathroom selfies:

They are bad….really bad, nough said.


3.Post more than one picture:

We live a an age of technology, come on with one picture.

Besides one picture means catfish to me, like you stole someone’s picture and besides the fact that sometimes I’ve seen 4 different pictures of guys and I am still trying to figure out which one is you.


Wait….side note: recent pictures…I don’t care what you looked liked 30 years ago, we all looked better then!

Put up recent pictures not one 30 years or 30 pounds ago!


4. Don’t just do head shots:

Look I’m not saying you have to be half naked but head shots only is telling me you don’t want me to see the rest of you. We all have types, let’s be honest. Some like thin men, muscular men, chubby men….we want to see what you look like.


Oh, while we are on this subject….


5. The half naked shots:

Please stop! I get it if your at the beach, if it’s a nice picture but you half naked in front of your mirror, please no….


Here is a big one… lying!


6. You say you want a relationship:

But right out of the gate your talking about sex. If you want a hook up be honest say that, there are a lot of women out there looking for that too, so why waste the time of the rest of us who actually want a relationship.


Don’t say you want a relationship when clearly your not over your last one or your not willing to put the time or effort into knowing if this could be the one.

Be honest!! Is that so hard? Life is short don’t waste my time.


7. Showing10 pictures of your animals:

I get it you love your dog and one picture of you and him is cute, 9 pictures of him…who’s on this dating site…You or him?


8. Pictures of your big house, big boat, fancy car:

Not impressed…and then you call us gold diggers…but your pictures are saying your asking for those type of women.


9. Texting and never meeting and/or ghosting:


What the hell is with this? Please tell me, we are grown ass adults on a dating site to meet someone, if I wanted a pen pal I would have wrote to someone in prison.


And what’s with ghosting? Your talking to someone, everything is great and poof their gone…just like that no calls, no texts, nothing…Wtf? Really? Grow up, if your not interested, if you two are not jiving, just say so, it’s all good. Don’t just leave a women hanging.


10. Calling me names:

Hey baby, sweetie, honey, boo, bae…

You don’t even know me, you don’t get to call me any of these names…I don’t know you…yuggg!


I think these dating sites would be so much better if we were truly honest…

Hi my name is…..

I want to hook up

I am kinky

I like to dress in women’s clothes (Yes, I had someone hit me up that was into that)

I am not ready for a relationship as my ex really fucked my mind up.

I want to play the field

I want a relationship and I really worked at myself….

Now wouldn’t that be refreshing? Honestly….what a concept…


So today my friends, especially my guy friends, which I have many… here’s my tips for your new and improved online dating profile.

Let me know what you think about ours.


We are all the same, we are on here to meet someone, let’s not waste time and energy on stuff or people we don’t want, let’s be real with ourselves and with others.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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