Looking for Mr.Perfect…for me

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Looking for Mr.Perfect… for me


When I wrote a blog some time ago about wanting to find a perfect man, someone wrote, “There is no such thing as a perfect man”


I replied “I am not looking for a perfect man, just a perfect manĀ  for me”


I know some of my girlfriendsĀ have a long list of criteria…

He has to be 6’0-6’4, between the ages of 45-50, make over 100k a year, must be professional, kids grown, not in debt, house has to be over 4000 square feet…yada,yada,yada….


Really, I am serious and if one thing missing off their list, your done, bye, next….


I am not looking for all of that but as I’ve gotten older there are some things I will not compromise about, sorry I’m not going to take less.


For me first and foremost you need to believe in God, you have to have faith, I want to be able to go to church with you, to volunteer with you. You need to have a kind heart, you need to be funny (funny is the new sexy)


You need to be able to laugh at yourself, you need to be my partner not my patrol officer. You need a compassionate and giving spirit, you need to be loyal, faithful and truthful, you need to be grateful for everything in your life.


Not to much to ask, most humans already have these things inside of them so it’s not unrealistic to ask for these things.


But I will NOT under no circumstances put up with cheating, lying or drama of any kind.

If your controlling, jealous, hateful, unforgiving, racist, ungrateful, an atheist or

if your fronting to the world or you feel your better than anyone else.


Look I’ve dated these guys before, lots of them and I am not going back there again.


I don’t need a man in my life, I would like one to share life’s adventures with but not so much so, that I will take the first loser because I am afraid of being alone, as so many women do.


I value my self worth, I now know I am worthy of being treated like a queen and I will not settle for the peasant treatment any longer.


See, I know I will treat my man like the king he is, I will have his back, I will be his biggest cheerleader, I will let him be him, the one God has made and not try to change him.

I will trust him, be loyal to him and be the best women I can be to him.

And the only thing I expect in return is the same…not to much to ask for.


So today my friends realize your self worth, know your worthy of a great man, not just a body that fills your bed. Realize the superficial doesn’t last, it’s what your made of that does.

Rewrite your list…and trust that God has your perfect man out there, the man perfect for you.

Because I am sure as hell waiting for my

Mr. Perfect for me.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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