What’s up with today’s women

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What’s up with today’s women?


I may be old school but for the life of me I can’t understand today’s young women, they are truly lazy. Now I’m not saying all of them but I have to tell you, most of them are like this, as I see it.


Go ahead jump all over me but I call it as I see it. When I was married, I had 2 kids, I took care of 12 sugar gliders, 2 monkeys,12 ferrets,

100 (yes that is not a misprint! ) lizards, I helped him clean and feed 200 snakes and a dog and a two cats.


I ran our business which I had to call over 40 restaurants each day to get orders, place them, write tickets for all of them and balance all the books (no there were no computers to do that back then!)


I cleaned the yard, I cleaned the pool, I fixed whatever was broken in the house.


I would then make sure the house was clean and have a full meal (no mac and cheese or hot dogs) on the table by 6 pm.


After cleaning up, helping the girls with their homework and baths, I would then do hair for my clients at home until 11pm. Afterwards, I would clean up and do another load of clothes before dropping into bed just to start it all over again by 6am, to get up and go to the gym before school started.


These women don’t know what it is like to cook, their houses look like a pig pen, they walk around in sweats all day and when their husbands or in today’s world “baby daddy” comes home they expect them to do it?


Look I am all for working together, unfortunately I never had that luxury with my ex husband. Yes, if you have a man that threw in some laundry or helped you clean or cook, see that is what a true relationship is about, helping the one you love, working together.


But for him to work all day while your home doing nothing and you think it’s okay that he doesn’t even have a clean house or a cooked meal to come home to, please girl, get a grip!


Its no wonder there are so many and I mean so many younger guys going for older women, we know how to treat a man. We didn’t have 5 “baby daddies” back then, you found a good man, you did your part, he did his part and even when things got tough, you worked through it and you stayed together.


Look, think of it this way, it’s Sunday, you took your whole day off to clean the house, Monday comes you go to work, your kids are home all day doing whatever and you come home and the house is a mess, there is no food left and they are laying around watching Oprah, (Okay, that was my days!) Now your good and pissed and you have every right to be! You busted your ass all day and then you come home to see this.


Hello ladies, this is what your husbands or “Baby daddies” feel like!

If your not feeling like your getting the help you deserve you should say something, sit down and talk to your man.

Yes, I should have stood up and say “Hey, I need some help, we’re a team” but I didn’t, believe me that was a lesson well learned and one that I will never repeat.


But to do nothing except taking care of your kids, yes, yes… I know its a full time job but I knew women who had 3 kids, 5 kids, women with children with disabilities that do it, so stop your whining about I don’t know how hard it is, did you just read my story?


Please what I would have gave “just” to take care of the kids and clean and cook!


See the problem today is your too busy worrying about movie stars life’s, your friends crap on twitter or the latest jackass reality show.

Sorry I am real, I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I am not Willy Wonker, I will not sugar coat crap!


Get off your ass, be a partner, I get your tired, sorry you have kids, you will rest when they are grown, this is your job, you signed up for it.


Take them to the park, go bike riding with them, sit in the floor and color with them, make play dates, these are the things they will remember, believe me my kids bring up stuff that we did 15 years ago.

They will remember the times you spent with them, it will strengthen your relationship and it will give you a sense of accomplishment. Take care of your man, he is working hard doing his part, do yours. Show him how much you appreciate that you are lucky enough to be home with your children.


So today my friends, send this to the young women in your life, talk to them, show them how its done, teach them to be the best women, the best mom and the best partner they can be!


We have to teach the next generation that it’s not all about them.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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