What is up with men today?

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What is up with men today?


So this week I posted a lot about dating and what was wrong with us as a society in the ways we treat each other.

So this just seemed perfect to end the week with.


Last night I skipped my beloved yoga class to go out with a guy I had been talking to, we met online and he was anxious to meet in person.


Well, that is a good sign as so many guys online seem to only want a pen pal and hey if that’s what I was looking for I”d be writing to bubba in prison.


Hello! I am on a dating site to meet someone…I am not looking to fill my time with random texts, I have a life.


Anyway we decide to meet at Starbucks, he’s sitting outside and I walk right past him (Not a good sign to begin with) and then I call him, he sees me (because I obviously look like my pictures!)

And we sit down outside, now I am waiting for him to ask “Would you like something to drink” but nothing.


 I am thinking maybe he’s just excited to talk, but after 20 minutes I realize this joker is not about to ask me if I want anything!


Now I can’t get past this fact and am thinking this date is going no where fast and planning on how to make my escape.


Now during my planning he makes a couple of “jokes” about the way he is…ohhhh….I’ve already learned that lesson…. Maya Angelou “When someone shows you who they are, believe them” and my head is now screaming “Run Forrest run!”


That’s it, I’m done, I come up with some bullshit excuse and I am outta there. Another date bites the dust!


I have to ask, in the four years I’ve been single what happened to the all the gentlemen? Come on now! Years ago a man asked you out on a real date, to a real resturant and usually it was expensive as they wanted to impress you.

They opened car doors, any and all doors, they didn’t try to call you baby or sweetie or boo before they knew you. They bought you dinner and you had more than a 20 minute conversation.


Now it’s drive by dates at coffee places and obviously now…without the benefit of buying you coffee. Wtf??

Did I miss something?


Where are your manners, what happened to your sense? Speaking of sense or lack there of….when did it ever become okay to send a picture of your junk?


Hello! Just putting it out there…if you send me a picture of your junk it had better be some extraordinary junk because if it’s not I will send it to my friends and we will laugh at you!! Just saying!


It’s not okay, it will never be okay…what don’t you get?


So what happened? Did the attention span of men decreased that much? Is there too much available that they no longer have to try to impress? Please help me out here!


As I am always positive and yes, I am like Tinker bell, I still have hope. 

I know there are great men out there because I am lucky enough to have some great guy friends. 

So I will keep trying and if I get more dead beats well….then I have more to write about, since I am the Taylor Swift of writing!


Always looking at the glass half full…

So people let me know if this is your take on the dating world today and if your a man speak up, tell us, please explain…. why you would ask a women out and not offer her a cup of coffee? 

We are waiting with baited breath…

Until then we will be here shaking our heads asking what is wrong with men today?


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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