Closet racism

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Closet racism


With all thats been going on this last weekend, when 1 person was killed and 19 injured during a march in Charloteesville, with Kkk and neo-nazis coming out full force, I guess nothing should shock me.


But it has, as recently I learned something about someone I was close to, something that shook me to the core as I would have never thought this about these people.


Maybe I am just naive, maybe I just want to see the best in people and can’t bring myself to think that people can actually be so hateful.


But this was out and out racism. Loud and clear.

One posted a picture of two Muslim women sitting on a bench his caption was and I quote


“Fucking ragheads should go home, they don’t belong here!”


I almost spit up my coffee as I read this…did he actually just say this?

That was out and out pure hatred and racism and it made my stomach turn.


The next incident was directed at two of my closest friends by a ex.

And the fact that I heard it from them first hand, so I know it’s true.


I am thinking how do you hide that your a racist? Eventually it comes out, eventually it bleeds though and shows you for who you truly are.


What I am shocked about is how they held it together in front of me, both of them.

I say this because I have a gay best friend, my closest friends are 3 Puerto Ricans, a Native American, a Columbian and a Jew.

My church husband is black as is all of my church family.


My guardian angel is Nicaraguan and my girlfriend next door is Cuban, I have carribean friends, white friends..I have friends… I don’t see colors.


Yes, I have a melting pot of different colors, different religions, different ethnic backgrounds, different sexual orientations in my life and I love it. This is what brings the spice to my life, seeing, enjoying, being part of all of the differences, that people are.


Yet, we all know or maybe like me, don’t know that there is always a closet racist among us, that there is always that one person who will still call you a racist slur, say something that makes you stop in your tracks and shake your head.


That person who hates anyone who is not like “they are” who secretly wishes that it could be a white only race. That smiles at your face but behind closed doors talks a different tune.


I can’t believe that today, 2017 after we had a black president, we have gay marriages, we have come so far for equality for people who are different (Their words not mine)


That we still have people like this, people with such closed minds, such hardened hearts yet, saddly this is a fact of life.


I refuse to be part of someone like that, I live my life on love, love one another, love thy self, love for everyone. The bible talks about love 585 times.

Love is what is going to heal us as a world, as a nation, as a neighborhood, it starts with us.


So to my mixed up bunch of extremely different people, that I am blessed to share my life with, thank you…thank you for sharing your culture, your differences, your uniqueness, that something special, that makes you…you.


And to my closet racist, I will eventually find out it’s you and then we are done, I have no time in my life for you and your petty, closed minded opinions, I will delete you, cut you off, walk away…we are done.


So today my friends, remember there is always a hater out there, there is always going to be a closet racist, there will always be someone who can’t or won’t accept differences, pray for them, send them love, keep doing you, you are magnificently made, own it and know there are so many more of us that don’t see colors, don’t see the differences, that just see the heart.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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