Fake friends on social media

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


Fake friends on social media


Recently we have all been getting these messages on Facebook about don’t accept a friend request from Jayden Smith…


Hello! Why would you friend someone you don’t know?

I know there are a lot social media whores out there that want numbers…oh look I have 40 thousand friends…no dumb ass you have 40 thousand strangers voyaging into your personal life…why?


Just to say you have friends? Please I don’t need friends that bad, I actually have real friends, imagine that?


When I get a request from someone I don’t know I ask “Hi, do I know you?”

They will say “No, I just saw your profile and like your pictures and wanted to be your friend”

My response is always “Awww that’s nice but my Facebook page is only for my real friends and family, please feel free to like and follow my public page Treadmill Treats”


Now why would I want complete strangers looking at my kids photos or pictures of my house or my vacation pics? How friggin creepy is that?

And on my public page I am careful about what I chose to put up there because this is my life and as much as I am a open book in my blog, that is where it stops.


Hell, I remember about a year after I got divorced a friend of mine, who happened to be my ex husband’s best friend as well. This man who my kids called uncle, who we took family trips together, who ate holiday meals with us and who I worked for for many years, after I asked for the divorce, stopped talking to me. Just like that, he and his wife just cut me off and out of their lives.


I had never had words with them, nothing. Just because I was no longer his wife, I was no longer their friend.


So when after a year of not speaking to me, he sent me a friend request on Facebook.

My response was “Why do you want to be my Facebook friend when your not my friend in real life?”


My girls thought that was rude, why because I was honest…really? You dont talk to me in real life but want to troll my page…get a life. By the way he never answered the question.


Recently another “So called friend” who also was part of our family and who also dumped me after my divorced, sent a friend request, which I ignored but then started following me on all my social media sites and blogging sites…why? For what reason? To check up on me? To spy for my ex? Because it is obvious that your not my friend anymore, otherwise you would know what was going on in my life, you wouldn’t need to troll.


Look I don’t pull any punches, I tell it like I see it, like it or not, this is me. And when things piss me off, I am going to let you know. This fake bull of being my friend on some social media site when you never picked up the phone to see if I was dead or alive for years in real life, oh no I don’t need you in my life now or ever and I am going to let you know that.


See I have to realize that God is getting me ready for all the trolls and haters out there, so when I become a New Yorker Times bestselling author, I will know how to deal with them, so I better start now.


I know that then, all kinds of people will pretend to be my “friend” to get close to me, this is why he’s been shaking the trees to get rid of the crap now, so I am sure who is helping me row my boat and who is drilling holes while I’m not looking when big things start to happen.


So today my friends remember you needn’t send me the warnings of don’t friend this person or that one, I know who my true friends are. I’ve learned that my circle is getting smaller and I know who has my back and who I can count on.

I dont want friends for the sake of having friends, if your my friend on Facebook that means we talk in real life, we hang out, we are invested in each other’s lives, like it should be.


Don’t have friends just to have them, don’t let the stalkers peek into your life, they need to earn that right.

Don’t just have fake Facebook friends.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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