The “I age”

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The “I” age


It’s amazing how each generation changes and grows, how we learn things good or bad from our parents and then we decide if we want to use the same skills to parent our own children.


But somehow we got soft, we didn’t want to beat our children like we were beaten, we didn’t want them to feel like losers, so we coddled them into thinking they are all winners even without the hard work it takes to become a winner.


We went without, so we chose to give them everything they asked for, so they didn’t learn the value of hard work.


We gave into their every whim, into their every temper tantrum, saying your going to be in time out and then not following through so they learned there is no consequences for their behaviors.


Yes, congratulations my generation you have turned this generation into the “I age”

I want this

I deserve this

I am owed this

I need this

I want this and want it now and you better provide it.


Yes, this generation expects everything to be given to them, they don’t have to work hard because hell, we will give you all trophys even for being the losers.


Instead of saying no and giving them an ass whipping, we let them get away with disrespect towards us and others.


Instead of teaching them hard work and perseverance, we have handed them things on a silver platter and when they screamed and kicked the platter out of our hands, we ran and got them another platter, more to their liking.


And then we wonder why this generation is so self absorbed? Really? You allowed this, you feed into this, you taught them,that this behavior is okay.


Okay, this is going to sound like my mother, but here goes anyway.. In my day… we worked for what we wanted, I didn’t have a new BMW given to me when I turned 16, I worked for my piece of crap car, it was under my own insurance and when it broke down I pushed it and paid for it to be fixed.


I didn’t have a super sweet 16, that costed more than my actual wedding.


I worked nights and went to college during the day, was it hard? Oh hell yeah but it taught me work ethics and skills I still use today.


I never disrespected my elders or anyone for that matter, my mom, my aunt or someone else would slap me or put me in my place, I learned quick.


I learned if I wanted to win I would have to really want it, to work at it, to chase after that dream, it wasn’t given to me so I wouldn’t pout about not getting it.


Kids today think its all about them, it’s not part of my job, it doesn’t benifit me, it’s not what I want to do so I will not put forth any effort because hey it should be mine, the raise, the promotion, the title, I expect it.


It’s all about them, they can’t be compassionate, they are so self absorbed in their popularity on social media, of putting others down, of watching the housewives of selfishness, or the Kardashians, who made a sex video and then become famous for doing nothing, okay sorry…for having sex with a rap star…

Sorry something they all aspire to, that they think this is the norm.


They are wrapped up in their phones that they have no idea how to socialize with others, how to deal with relationships, how to deal with life itself.


If their friends or Google isn’t telling them they are worthy, they have no idea how to feel that way themselves.


I went against the norm, sorry I whooped my kids ass, ask them. I made them earn money, if they wanted the latest video games, I made them get jobs, and show up every day.

I taught them respect, otherwise I would slap the piss out of them.

Look I’m not saying I beat their ass’s all the time, I also took away tv, phones, friends, ect but yes I won’t lie when they needed a ass whipping they got it.


Hell one time I Dr. Phil my big one’s ass, I took everything out of her room, I left a mattress on the floor and I even took the door off the hinges when I left, fuck with me….I don’t think so!


Believe me she learned, at dinner there was no phones or tv’s on, we actually talked… oh big deal one hour a day suck it up.


We did family day every Sunday, we let them pick, then we all spent the day together without phones or interruptions, just bonding as a family.


During that time, we taught them what we expected of them, what was required of them to turn out to be great women. And it must have worked as they are both amazing young ladies with their heads on right.


So today my friends, especially the ones in the “I age” wake up, it’s not all about you or what you want, sorry to tell you, your not all winners, wake up call!!


That my friends are for the people who are determined, who work hard and earn the respect of that title.


There is a whole world out there, people who need help, people that have it worst off then you, learn compassion, learn to open your heart, learn to appreciate the feelings that come from a job well done, it is then you will have graduated out of the “I age”


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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