Another mass murder… in Las Vegas

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Another mass murder in Las Vegas


Yesterday there was yet another mass murder in Las Vegas.

58 people were confirmed dead and 400 people injured during this mass shootout.

This was the biggest killing spree we have seen since the mass murders in Pulse nightclub in Orlando Florida, last year.


The gunman was an older white man who was on a balcony of a Las Vegas hotel and shot into the crowd of a country music concert.


We still have no idea why he would do something so heinous.


My question is, what the hell is going on in this country? It is really scary, the shootings all over the country, the hatred these gunman have, that they have no recourse for people’s lives, for family’s who will wake up today without parents, love ones, children…what is in your crazy mind to make you snap and do something like this?


If it isn’t enough that our world is falling apart already, do we need more mass murders? When are we going to have mass love ins…mass peace gatherings…mass social media postings, that we will not tolerate this anymore…that love will conquer hate…


These poor people, out on a beautiful night, on vacation, visiting relatives, hell it could have been me as I was there last week, people enjoying their lives, suddenly gone.


But I will tell you, how scary it is that people you know will snap at you and others because I watched it yesterday on my Facebook page.


I posted how sad I was that this happened and that why do we need guns that shoot off 100 rounds in 10 seconds.


Well a few of my friends commented on it, agreeing there should be stricker laws, well a few of my “high school friends” actual lost their shit.

They started calling my friends snowflakes, pussys, all kind of names because they didn’t agree with their point of view. It was ugly and I was shocked, that just because I don’t or my friends don’t agree with your point of view that you can snap just like that, resort to name calling and cursing someone out. (Kind of sounds like #45 but I won’t get into


And we wonder how this old man snapped….

Just like this high school “friend” did, I presume.


Look we all have our own point of views, we have our own beliefs and values, this was just me saying how sorry I was that this had happened and how I wished something would change so that it would never happened again.


But anymore it’s all about the hate and not the love, it’s about what seperates us and not what brings us together.


This is a real shame, as a tragedy like this should bring everyone on the same side, it could have been anyone of us, anywhere in this country, at any public event…this could have been your sister, your cousin, your children, if it was, would you then want tougher gun control?


This was not about you, this was about innocent lives cruelly snuffed out, this was about making changes so that this never happens again. This was about showing love and respect for these victims and their families, not about your rant how because we don’t agree with you that we are “snowflakes” whatever the fuck that means.


So if you will excuse me, I will continue to say how deeply we all feel about this, the worst mass murder in our history and excuse me while I get on my soapbox for the next week and become a advocate for those who no longer have a voice.


I will be preaching love not hate, stronger gun laws, compassion for others, something you clearly don’t have but are in desperate need of.

I will also be praying for you and others like you that you don’t snap like this man did, just because we don’t agree with you or look like you or believe in what you do.


In America, the land of the free ….for however long that might be…. we will speak our minds, we will question why this tragedy happened and we will grieve for these people and their families.


So today my friends, say a prayer for these families, say a prayer that this never happens again, say a prayer for people on the edge, for those that are out there planning the next attack, pray for all of us because we need prayers right now, our country needs prayers….


“What the world needs now, is love sweet love”


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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