I am not perfect

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


I am not perfect


I have recently been called out about being a Christian, because of the blogs I have written in the last week.


I have been called out to stay in “my lane” that I should only write inspirational blogs, that they are not interested in my views on the world.


That I should be more “Christian” with my views, yes, it seemed like everyone had something to say.


Here’s the thing, I am not on a pedestal, don’t try to put me on one. I am far from perfect and I tell you this all the time…I go to church because I am broken and need his help.


I screw up all the time, I curse, I go out and then go to church in the morning. I date losers, I break all kinds of commandments, I am human. This is why I go to church to try to be better, sometimes I am, sometimes I fall short..

again…I am not perfect.


Yes, sometimes my emotions get the best of me, sometimes I am so passionate about things and I speak my mind because my heart hurts that so many people are suffering, that there are so many injustices in our world today.


I may not believe in your political views but I will surely not call you names nor will I curse at you, like I have seen so many people do on social media lately.


I will allow you to have your views, I won’t agree with them but I will not be hateful against you, I will not call you out or tell you to stay in your lane.


And I most certainly won’t tell you that you are not a Christian, because who am I?

Do I not have sins? Am I better than you because I go to church? Please, I am no better because of any of that and it is not my job to judge you, just like it’s not your job to judge me.


Please don’t think it’s okay to throw stones at me for being human, we all make mistakes but the difference between us, is I have big balls and I put all my failures, all my mistakes and every time I fall short, out there, for all to see.


I am no longer thin skinned about what people will say about me, people haveĀ  always and will always talk about me and I realize not all of it will be good and that’s okay.


But the thing that bothers me is you throwing my faith at me.

Let me tell you I am in good company because Jesus didn’t pick any of you “holier than thou” people, he didn’t pick priests, or prophets.


No, he picked killers, liars, cheaters, the bottom of the barrel, to go with him to preach his word. Why? Because they were not perfect, yet they were trying to change and even then they fell short, time and time again. Yet, he still loved them, he never once threw his faith in their faces, he forgave, he taught forgiveness, he taught them..

“He who has no sins, cast the first stone….”


I got lots of stones…anyone like to go first???


Yeah, I didn’t think so…


So here’s the thing people, I will occasionally write about what’s in my heart, with what’s going on in the world, with injustices that I think are occurring out there, but I will never argue, call you names or question or throw your faith in your face, I only ask the same respect in return.

And if you can’t do that, do what your mother’s taught you “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”


So today my friends and obviously my critics, I am here to remind you to think before you tear someone down, remember we all have a right to our opinions, that we are all not perfect and we all make mistakes but that doesn’t give you the right to judge, to chastise, to be hateful to someone else…

Because then, what kind of Christian would you be?


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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